Han twins murder conspiracy

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Jeena Han
Born Korea 1974
Criminal charge
attempted murder
Criminal penalty
26 years to life
Conviction(s) guilty

The Han twins murder conspiracy was a case of attempted murder of Sunny Han by her identical twin sister Jeena Han, occurring in November 6, 1996 in Irvine, Orange County, California, United States.

It quickly became a sensationalized story in the media. The case brought together several themes, including surviving a broken family through a close sisterly bond, a "good" twin sister and an "evil" twin sister who were both beautiful as well as co-valedictorians at their high school.


In November 1999, an American Justice documentary entitled "Sister Against Sister: The Twin Murder Plot" aired on A&E, covering the sensational details of the case. The program was hosted by Bill Kurtis.

In 2001, the case was profiled on The Investigators under the title "Evil Twin".

In 2005, Snapped, a series about true crime on the Oxygen Network, ran an episode about Jeena's plot to kill her twin sister and take over her life.

In 2012, this story became the focus of the pilot episode of the Investigation Discovery show, "Evil Twins".


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