The Hangman's Daughter

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Not to be confused with the short novel by Daisy Ashford.
The Hangman's Daughter
Author Oliver Pötzsch
Original title Die Henkerstochter
Translator Lee Chadeayne
Illustrator Ben Gibson
Country Germany
Language German
Series The Hangman's Daughter
Genre Historical novel
Publisher Ullstein Taschenbuch
Publication date
Published in English

The Hangman's Daughter (original title in German: Die Henkerstochter) is a novel by Oliver Pötzsch. First published in Germany by Ullstein Verlag in 2008, it was translated into English and issued digitally under the AmazonCrossing imprint in 2010.[1] A paper edition was released in English by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2010. The characters continue in the sequels The Dark Monk (2009) (German: Die Henkerstochter und der schwarze Mönch), The Beggar King (2010) (German: Die Henkerstochter und der König der Bettler), and The Poisoned Pilgrim (German: Der Hexer und die Henkerstochter) (2012). The series will continue with The Werewolf of Bamburg in 2015;