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The Happy End was a brass band formed by Matt Fox in 1983. Inspired by the music of Kurt Weill, Hanns Eisler and Charlie Haden, the band reflected the political landscape of London and the United Kingdom throughout the Thatcher years. Conceived in the squats of Bonnington Square and Vauxhall Grove, The Happy End grew to accommodate up to 24 musicians eventually, including singer Sarah Jane Morris (who went on to work with the Communards and Pere Ubu, and pursue a solo career) and bassist Danny Manners[1] (who went on to work with Louis Philippe, Sandy Dillon and Cathal Coughlan, and later join Big Big Train). They became a regular feature at anti-establishment gatherings of the 1980s. They played over 150 benefit concerts for the miners during the events which originated with the 1984 strike.[1]



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