The Hawk's Nest

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The Hawk's Nest
Directed by Benjamin Christensen
Written by Wid Gunning (story)
James T. O'Donohoe (adaptation)
Casey Robinson (titles)
Starring Milton Sills
Doris Kenyon
Montagu Love
Mitchell Lewis
Stuart Holmes
Cinematography Sol Polito
Edited by Frank Ware
Distributed by First National Pictures
Release dates
  • May 27, 1928 (1928-05-27)
Country United States
Language English

The Hawk's Nest was a 1928 American film directed by Benjamin Christensen. It is believed to be lost. It was released by First National Pictures and stars husband and wife Milton Sills and Doris Kenyon.[1][2][3]


The title of The Hawk's Nest comes from the speakeasy around which most of the action revolves. Two bootleggers, played by Milton Sills and Mitchell Lewis, quarrel over a dancer (Doris Kenyon) while a political assassination plot.



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