The Hazards

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The Hazards from the southern section of Hazard Beach
The Hazards from the jetty in Coles Bay

The Hazards are a rugged mountain chain in the Freycinet National Park on Tasmania's east coast. They are positioned between Coles Bay, Tasmania and Wineglass Bay and are said to be named after local whaler, African-American Captain Richard Hazard. [1]

The Hazards are made of granite. Orthoclase, a pink feldspar, gives the mountains their pink tint.[1] The four mountains in the group from west to east are Mayson, Amos, Dove and Parsons.[2] The track to Wineglass Bay and lookout runs over the saddle between Mounts Mayson and Amos.

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Coordinates: 42°09′S 148°18′E / 42.150°S 148.300°E / -42.150; 148.300