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The Helicopters were a South African pop rock band active in the 1980s. They formed in 1981 in Vereeniging and were stylistically similar to the new wave bands Duran Duran and A Flock of Seagulls.[1] Benjy Mudie signed the group to Warner Bros. Records in 1984, where they released one album and several singles; in 1987 they moved to Epic and released a second full-length before disbanding. The band scored several hit singles in South Africa, including "Mysteries and Jealousy".[2][3] The group was a popular concert draw, able to fill stadiums in its home country.[4]

After the band's breakup, lead singer Bernard Binns moved to England, where he has released several solo albums.[5]


  • Love Attack (1985, WEA)
  • In the Flesh (1987, Epic)
  • What Affair EP (1988, Gallo)
  • The Best Of The Helicopters (2002, RetroFresh)
  • "Flying High" (Klingel, 1981)
  • "Mysteries and Jealousy" (Warner, 1984)
  • "Miles and Miles Apart" (Warner, 1984)
  • "Kissing For Pleasure" (Warner, 1984)
  • "Only for You" (Warner, 1985)
  • "Come and Dance" (Warner, 1985)
  • "I Wanna Live in Hollywood" (Warner, 1986)
  • "Whisper Your Secret" (1987, Epic)



  • Bernard Binns
  • Bert Askes
  • John Mason
  • Andre van den Heever
  • Piet Koen
  • Franco de Nuzzo
  • Nick Matzukis
  • Macjek Scheibel
  • Paul Hughes
  • Martin Ledger
  • Alistair Broadhead
  • Carole Walsh
  • John McKeen
  • Pete Delahaye
  • Rob Lax


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