The Highland School

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The Highland School
Highland, West Virginia
Type Private, boarding
Established 1981
Founders Charlotte and Steve Landvoigt
Campus Rural,
3 buildings
Annual tuition $2,318/day student
$13,950/boarding student

The Highland School is a democratic school for day and boarding students in Highland, West Virginia. Founded in 1981 by Charlotte and Steve Landvoigt, the Highland School was inspired by the Summerhill School in Suffolk, England, but now more closely resembles the Sudbury model of democratic schooling. The Highland School's new, as of 2009, boarding component is a unique feature in North American democratic schools allowing students from all over the world to be a part of a democratic learning environment 24 hours a day.

As the Highland School is a democratic school within the broader theoretical framework of democratic education, there are no required courses and there is no standardized curriculum. Students are responsible for directing what they do with their time and are responsible for their own educational choices. Staff provide mentorship and advice when requested.

The Highland School has hosted students from all over the world including Japan, France, Germany, and the Philippines. International students interact with day students from central West Virginia and other boarding students from the United States.

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