The Hill (Boulder)

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Coordinates: 40°00′27″N 105°16′36″W / 40.007443°N 105.276747°W / 40.007443; -105.276747

Panoramic shot of The Hill business district from 13th and College looking North and East

The Hill, a neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado, lies directly west of the University of Colorado campus. The central street of the neighborhood is 13th street, which features the Fox Theater, a renowned concert venue, and The Sink, a bar and restaurant popular with university students. The Historic Hill has had many American icons walk through its streets. Famous astronauts, chemists, athletes, musicians, mathematicians, and actors have all walked through these streets and shopped at many of the same places that are on the Historic Hill today (2009). In October 2010 many local businesses on the Hill were forced to close, including the historic Jones General Store and Camera that is located at 14th Street and College Avenue. Jones has been a local Boulder business since 1902, however it will not reopen after the demolition of its current building. The demolition of this Historic Hill landmark created a considerable amount of controversy. The building that will replace Jones General Store and its neighboring local businesses will be a two story complex of apartments and shops.

The Hill is where students of CU Boulder go to party. Located on the hill are all of the fraternity houses along with many students houses.

The University Hill district in west Boulder also features many residential homes as well as historical landmarks along the Banjo Billy's Bus tour route. This is the main housing area for CU students and a popular place to live for Boulder residents because of its close proximity to Chautauqua Park at the base of the Flatirons. This very eclectic neighborhood is one of the most well known in Boulder.

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