The Himalayans

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The Himalayans
Origin San Francisco, California, United States
Genres Rock
Years active 1990–1991
Associated acts Counting Crows
Past members Dan Jewett
Chris Roldan
Dave Janusko
Adam Duritz
Marty Jones

The Himalayans were a short-lived rock band formed in San Francisco in 1990 by Dan Jewett and Chris Roldan.

The Himalayans disbanded amicably in 1991 when Adam Duritz left the band to form Counting Crows with guitarist David Bryson (who also produced The Himalayans' demo recording). The Himalayans song "Round Here" was recorded on Counting Crows' first album (being the opening track), and remains popular at their live performances. The Counting Crows hit "Mr. Jones" was titled after Marty Jones, Himalayans bass player and childhood friend of Adam Duritz.

The band's only album, She Likes the Weather, was put together by Dan Jewett from a December 1991 studio recording of the band's set and their original demo tape, adding a few clips from radio interviews with the band. Tyrannosaurus Records released a digitally remastered version of "She Likes the Weather" on Thursday, April 12, 2007.

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