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The Hotknives is a ska band from Horsham in Sussex, England.

Band history[edit]

The Hotknives originally formed in 1982. They recorded two live albums, "Live at the Boatman" and "Live and Skanking" before recording their first studio album, "The Way Things Are" in 1989. The band regularly toured Europe and from 1994 the line-up consisted of original members Mick Clare and Clemmy with Bosky (Richard Allen) and Marc Carew. In 1996 the band released their second studio album "Home" on Grover Records (Germany) and in 2000 followed up with the studio album "Screams, Dreams and Custard Creams". In 2003 the line-up changed when Mick left to be replaced by Stuart Brown on guitar with Marc taking over on lead vocals.

The Original 1982 line-up; Gary Marshall, Michael Clare, Michael Matthews, Michael Merritt, Dave Clifton, Kevin Clements, Nigel Clements.

Current members[edit]

  • Marc Carew - vocals, bass.
  • Richard Allen - vocals, keyboards.
  • Stuart Brown - guitar, backing vocals
  • Clemmy - drums, backing vocals


  • 1988 - Live At The Boatman (Off The Head Records Ltd)
  • 1989 - Live 'N' Skankin' (Skank Records)
  • 1989 - The Way Things Are (Unicorn Records)
  • 1996 - Home (Grover Records)
  • 2000 - Screams, Dreams And Custard Creams (Grover Records)
  • 2010 - About Time (Sunny Bastards)

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