The Hugs

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The Hugs
Origin Portland, Oregon, United States
Years active 2007-present


Past: 1965 Records/Columbia UK
Members Danny Delegato
Skyler Weaver
David Appaloosa
Past members Mitch Wilson (Drums)
Patrick Wilcox (Guitar)
Kelly McKenzie (Drums)
Brendan Welch (Bass)
Nicholas LoCascio (Guitar)
Jonny Roe (Guitar)

The Hugs are an indie pop band from Portland, Oregon, formed in 2007 by lead singer-songwriter Danny Delegato. Current members include Danny Delegato (lead vocals, songwriter, guitar), David Appaloosa (lead guitar, vocals), and Skyler Weaver (drums, percussion).[1]


Carl Barat, singer-songwriter of The Libertines, stated in London-based music magazine NME in 2007, "I love The Hugs from Portland, Oregon. They're kind of like The Libertines but are taking it all from their own direction. They're a band who really know how to put a tune together and I'm totally dead excited about them."[2]

Movie director Gus Van Sant stated in an online New York Post magazine article, "there's a band called The Hugs that I like a lot, they play folk rock, they're a Portland band, I really like their songs."[3][4]


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