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A location in Hillsboro, Oregon

The Human Bean is a United States national coffee and coffeehouse chain based in Oregon.


In 1998, The Human Bean opened its first store in Ashland, Oregon. With early success and positive customer reception, the company was encouraged to open additional locations throughout Southern Oregon.

In early 2002, they began franchising their brand and system.

Now, there are 50 locations in eight states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington. The number continues to grow.[1][2]

There are six locations in Colorado. There is a stand in Evans, La Salle, two in Fort Collins and two in Greeley. Art Linkletter, a well-known television personality, originally started a stand in Evans, Colorado. It grew into more stands around Colorado very quickly and the company ran into financial trouble and failed to pay their state sales tax. This led to the stands in Colorado filing bankruptcy and shutting down in 2009. The stores later reopened and are now locally owned and operated. It is now thriving and sales continue to grow at every stand, every month.


While all the locations are drive through only, the Hillsboro, Oregon location, opened in October 2007, was the first to offer indoor seating with the addition to the drive through. Free wifi, couches, a plasma screen TV showing the news in the morning, local newspapers are also available. Also featured are local artist's paintings on the walls and along with weekly author and band appearances. An Outdoor patio is also available.[3]


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