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The Hundred-Foot Journey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Soundtrack album by A. R. Rahman
Released August 12, 2014 (2014-08-12)
Recorded 2013—14
Length 58:18
Language English, Urdu
Label Hollywood
Producer A. R. Rahman, Geoff Foster
A. R. Rahman chronology
Lekar Hum Deewana Dil
The Hundred-Foot Journey
Kaaviya Thalaivan

The Hundred-Foot Journey: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack album to the American comedy-drama film film of the same name and novel, directed by Lasse Hallström from a screenplay written by Steven Knight. A. R. Rahman has composed the score for the film. Hollywood Records released the soundtrack on August 12, 2014.[1]


In December 2013, a press release featured in The New York Times confirmed A. R. Rahman was scoring the film.[2] The composer began scoring post completion of filming wherein he found it the film pleasant.[3] He added that the Indian part of the score has instruments sitar, sarod and santoor.[3] Rahman did not wish to compose a generic score but wanted to weave the screenplay into a theme.[3] He did not wanted to put up a scheme that marked an end or beginning.[3] Thus, the score was organically mixed into a particular way where in a certain confronting cues sounds clearly Indian or French.[3] The distinction was aptly made when there is war sort of sequence in the film where both the kitchens are working paralleling, making it more dramatic. Otherwise, he stated that scoring was seamlessly done as per requirement; called the score having western classical music sensibilities.[3] The director and the composer worked together, communicating via Skype while Rahman was in Los Angeles finishing up Million Dollar Arm and Hallstrom was shooting the film in France.[4] Rahman roped Indian songwriter Gulzar as lyricist for the songs that needed Hindi and Urdu verses.[4] A scene was re-cut to accommodate the music.[4] In July 2014, singer Alka Yagnik recorded for a song featured only in film[5] Since 2007, Yagnik began opting for selected numbers and took this offer as she felt that the song was just meant for her voice quality. She tagged the track "extremely melodious", calling it "not a run of the mill song in an assembly line". Singer Nakash Aziz through the song "Afreen" and Yagnik mark their respective Hollywood playback debuts through the soundtrack album.[6] On completion of the score the director of the film was quoted saying, "The result score is fiercely personal and original." In an interview at Indiewire, Hallström noted that the story has an attraction that he could play around with were the merging the sounds and the languages, hence the tasty hybrid score.[7]


Critic A. O. Scott for The New York Times stated, "A. R. Rahman’s transnational airport music score."Peter Howell of The Star called it, "A smile-widening score by Slumdog Millionare’s A.R. Rahman.[9] At The Washington Post, Mark Jenkins stated that the score was exuberant.[10] The Variety magazine stated that the film features an "high energy score".[11] Lou Lumenick of New York Post writes, "Composer A.R. Rahman gives The Hundred-Foot Journey a lively score."[12] Rex Reed of The New York Observer felt, "The glittering, throbbing musical score by A. R. Rahman contributes a distinctive flavor of its own to the film."[13] Critic Laura Clifford for Reeling Reviews wrote, "A lot of traditional Indian music in the score".[14] Allison Loring for Film School Rejects wrote, "A wonderful, uplifting score, beautiful music from Rahman. It may not be wholly believable, but it is fantastic escapism.[15] The score has an infectious backbeat and high-energy such was stated by the newspaper The Denver Post.[16]

Track listing[edit]

Track listing was released on August 1, 2014 on Amazon.[17]

The Hundred-Foot Journey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)[18]

All music composed by A. R. Rahman.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Hassan Learns French Cooking"   A. R. Rahman 6:10
2. "The Village of Saint Antonin"   A. R. Rahman 4:02
3. "New Beginnings"   A. R. Rahman 4:40
4. "Vintage Recipe"   A. R. Rahman 2:06
5. "Mr. Kadam"   A. R. Rahman 1:55
6. "The Clash"   A. R. Rahman 1:44
7. "Destiny, Fire, War"   A. R. Rahman 5:40
8. "The Gift"   A. R. Rahman 3:08
9. "You Complete Me"   A. R. Rahman 4:39
10. "Alone in Paris"   A. R. Rahman 3:11
11. "India Calling"   A. R. Rahman 4:34
12. "Reunion"   A. R. Rahman 1:25
13. "End Credits Suite"   A. R. Rahman 2:36
14. "My Mind Is a Stranger Without You[a]"   Solange Merdinian, A. R. Rahman 4:18
15. "A La Hassan de Paris"   A. R. Rahman 4:05
16. "Afreen" (feat. Nakash Aziz, K.M.M.C. Sufi Ensemble) Gulzar, A. R. Rahman 4:05
Total length:
The Hundred-Foot Journey (Music from the Motion Picture)[19]
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Bahon Mein Teri" (feat. Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi) Rajesh Roshan, Sahir Ludhianvi 4:15
2. "Sar Se Sarke" (feat. Lata Mangeshkar, Kishor Kumar) Hasan Kamaal, Shiv-Hari 5:13
3. "Din Maheene Saal Gujarte" (feat. Lata Mangeshkar, Kishor Kumar) Anand Bakshi, Pyarelal Sharma 6:26
4. "Mozart String Quartet No 16 in E Flat Major, KV 428" (performed by Joanna Maurer, Suzanne Ornstein, Shmuel Katz and Alan Stepansky) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
5. "Cafe D'Etoile" (feat. Gil Goldstein, Peter Calo and Zev Katz) A. R. Rahman, Teese Gohl
6. "La Marseillaise" (performed by Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Peter Breiner) Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle
7. "Fly A Kite"   Alberto Iglesias 4:27
8. "La Vie en rose" (feat. Madeleine Peyroux) Louiguy and Édith Piaf 3:05
9. "Red Carpet" (feat. Figure and Groove) Hooper and Quin 1:04
10. "L'Amour des Vieux" (Gil Goldstein, Peter Calo and Zev Katz) A. R. Rahman, Teese Gohl
11. "Yesterday, When I Was Young"   Charles Aznavour 2:22
  • ^a Refers to the track not used in the film but is a part of the original motion picture soundtrack album recording.[20]

Album credits[edit]

Credits adapted from the website Hollywood.[21]

  • A. R. Rahman - Composer, Primary Artist, Producer, Soundtrack Producer, Vocals
Vocal & instrument personnel
  • Gaayatri Kaundinya, Shalini Laksmi - Vocalist(s) for score.
  • Prasanna, Peter Calo, George Doering - Guitar
  • Matt Dunkley - Orchestra Conductor
  • Henry Hey - Piano
  • Chinna Prasad - Tabla
  • Naveen Kumar - Flute
  • Asad Khan - Sitar
Technical personnel
  • Barbara Harris - ADR Voice Casting
  • Tony Finno - Music Preparation
  • Ishaan Chhabra - Programming
  • Suresh Permal - Additional Scoring
  • E Gedney Webb - Music Editor/Music Supervisor
  • Jon Mooney - Music Editor/Programmer
Technical assistance
  • Sandy Park - Orchestra Contractor
  • Fred Sladkey - Mix Stage Assistant
  • Theotime Pardon, Vishakha Bokil - Sound Assistant
  • Maegan Hayward - Mix Facility Coordinator
Scoring Stage Crew
  • Joel Scheuneman
  • Halsey Quemere
  • Casey Porter
  • Samuel Mollisi
  • Darren Moore
  • Richard Hill
  • Taylor Fuchs
  • Clinton Moore
  • Sheldon Yellowhair


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