The Hunted (web series)

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The Hunted
The Hunted (web series) Poster.jpg
Genre ActionComedy
Created by Robert Chapin
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Location(s) Los Angeles, California
Running time 6-10 minutes
Original channel YouTube
Original run April 22, 2001 (2001-04-22) – present
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The Hunted is an American action comedy web series created by Robert Chapin,[1][2] who had also wrote, directed and starred in several of the episodes as Bob. The show is a scripted reality series which has been described as a sword-slinging, vampire-slaying cross between the American TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Cops.[3][4][5][6]

The show follows a group of people who have been bitten by vampires but have not yet been turned, and their attempts to prove the existence of vampires through the web series.[5][6] The vampires, however, have developed immunity to everything over the years and the only way to kill them is to remove their head with a sword.[7]

The first episode premiered on the show's website on April 22, 2001, making The Hunted second longest running web series online (behind Red vs. Blue which began on April 1, 2001).[5] In Start seventeen episodes were shot (mostly in Los Angeles) and were also made available on a 2 season DVD set. Now the show is ongoing and now has roughly 50 episodes online. The episodes were uploaded to YouTube in January, 2007. The Hunted hosts an annual YouTube contest, offering cash prizes and judged by industry judges. Contest winners may also become official The Hunted "affiliates," entrusted to continue producing and developing content with a dedicated URL listed at the official website.[8]


The Hunted are survivors of vampire attacks who have banded together to protect themselves from becoming cattle. They have learned to curb their blood lust to help others who may be the Vampire's next victims using swords, martial arts and even humor.[9] The Hunted is also one of the first web series based on user content. Fans and filmmakers are encouraged to shoot their own episodes which they upload to YouTube and linked to the main show. To further promote the creation of user content, regular contests are held with cash prizes, and entries are judged by a panel of industry professionals. [10][11]

Episodes of the show have been shot by fans and filmmakers throughout the United States, with a few notable international episodes shot in Canada and South Africa.[10][11]


The series was originally created in 2001 as a performance venue for Robert Chapin's stage combat students, it also became an opportunity for creative people to develop their skill at writing, acting, directing and editing without the pressures of a big budget production.[9][12]


Since The Hunted started in 2001, it became one of the longest running web shows on the internet. It received financing via Kickstarter to create a feature film based on the series.[13] The series has also received support from New Deal Studios.[8]


There is no fixed cast with regards to the show. One of the benefits of a web series with 5-6 minute episodes is the ability to pull in talent (actors, directors) and locations (Hollywood Bowl) for a quick weekend shoot that would be expensive or impossible to get for longer commitments.[14] Thus, The Hunted has been able to get everyone from Hollywood stunt coordinators to the general public. It is a webseries that's based almost entirely on user content - meaning that virtually anyone anywhere can shoot an episode.[8][15]

[16][17] Some of the significant cast members include Robert Chapin, Anthony De Longis, Roberta Brown, Andrew Helm, and Reuben Langdon.


  • The web series was an Official Selection in the Action on Film International Festival[18]
  • The Hunted web series was an Official Selection in the Vampire Film Festival 2010[19]
  • The web series was an Official Selection in Gencon 2010[19]
  • Derek Conley, Jessica Cail, Andrew Helm, and Kendall Wells of the web series were chosen as presenters of The Combat Con 2011 along with 36 others[20]
  • The Hunted web series was an Official Selection in The Combat Con 2011[21]


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