The Hunter (Clannad song)

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"The Hunter"
Single by Clannad
from the album Past Present
Released 1989
Recorded Windmill Studios, Dublin, Ireland
Genre Pop rock, New-age

4:10 [Radio edit]

4:57 [Album version]
Label RCA Records
Writer(s) Pól Brennan, Ciarán Brennan
Clannad singles chronology
"Almost Seems (Too Late To Turn)" "The Hunter" "In a Lifetime"

"The Hunter" is a hit song by Irish group Clannad from 1989. It appears on their compilation album Past Present. A promotional video for the single was directed by Nigel Grierson, using the radio edit of the song.[1]

Track listing[edit]

7" vinyl (PB 42609)

  1. "The Hunter"
  2. "Atlantic Realm"

12" vinyl (PT 42610)

  1. "The Hunter"
  2. "Atlantic Realm"
  3. "Turning Tide"

5" compact disc (PD 42610)

  1. "The Hunter [edit]"
  2. "Skellig"
  3. "Turning Tide [edit]"
  4. "Atlantic Realm [edit]"


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