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This is a discography for the Christian music vocal quartet The Imperials.


Source: [1][2]
Year Album Members who performed Record label Record producer
1964 Jake Hess & The Imperials Hess, McSpadden, Morales, Neilsen, Slaughter Skylite
1964 Introducing The Illustrious Imperials Heart Warming/Benson
1964 Fireside Hymns
1964 Blends and Rhythms
1965 Talent Times Five
1965 Slaughter Writes – Imperials Sing
1965 Happy Sounds of The Imperials
1965 He Was a Preachin Man
1965 Slightly Regal
1966 Sing Their Favorite Hymns Hess, McSpadden, Morales, Murray, Slaughter
1966 Sing Inspirational Classics Impact/Benson
1967 To Sing Is the Thing Hess, McSpadden, Morales, Murray, Moscheo
1968 New Dimensions Morales, Murray, Moscheo, Blackwood, Wiles
1968 Now
1969 Love Is the Thing
1970 Gospel's Alive and Well
1971 Time to Get It Together Morales, Murray, Moscheo, Blackwood, Gordon
1972 Imperials Morales, Murray, Moscheo, Blackwood, Andrus
1973 Live (double album)
1974 Follow the Man with the Music
1975 No Shortage Bob MacKenzie, Gary S. Paxton
1976 Just Because
1977 Sail On Morales, Murray, Will, Taff Dayspring/Word Chris Christian
1978 Live (at Baylor University) A. Morales, Buddy Huey, Christian
1979 Heed the Call Chris Christian, Buddy Huey
1979 One More Song for You Michael Omartian
1980 Priority Michael Omartian
1980 Christmas with the Imperials Bergen White
1982 Stand By the Power Morales, Murray, Will, P. Smith Bill Schnee
1983 Side By Side Keith Thomas, Neal Joseph
1984 Sing the Classics Neal Joseph, Don Hart
1985 Let the Wind Blow Myrrh/Word Bill Schnee
1987 This Year's Model Morales, Will, Hemby, Sloas Brown Bannister
1988 Free the Fire Bill Schnee
1990 Love's Still Changing Hearts Morales, Will, Hemby, Robertson StarSong Morris "Butch" Stewart
1991 Big God Morales, Will, Hildreth, Pam Morales Ken Mansfield
1992 Stir It Up Paul Mills
1995 'Til He Comes Morales, Will, Ferguson, Walker Impact/Homeland Brian Green
1997 It's Still the Cross Morales, Will, Ferguson, Shapiro Big God Records Barry Weeks
1998 Songs of Christmas Morales, Will, Ferguson, Weeks Barry Weeks
2002 I Was Made for This A. Morales, Hudson, J. Morales, Crook
2006* The Lost Album A. Morales, Murray, Will, Taff Word Gary S. Paxton
2007 The Imperials Hudson, J. Morales, S. Smith, Owens Indie/Lamon Records
2007 Back to the Roots Michael Sykes
2010 Still Standing A. Morales, Will, P. Smith, Evans Infinity Music/Hall Of Fame Record Company Michael Peterson, Rick Webb, Rick Evans

*originally recorded in 1976


  • 1970: Believe It (Vista)
  • 1972: The Imperials 1968–1972 (Impact/Benson)
  • 1973: A Thing Called Love (Vista)
  • 1977: The Best of the Imperials (Impact/Benson)
  • 1979: The Imperials – Featuring Terry and Sherman (Impact/Benson)
  • 1981: The Very Best of The Imperials (Dayspring/Word)
  • 1982: First Day In Heaven (Impact/Benson)
  • 1984: Give Them All to Jesus (Impact/Benson)
  • 1986: Old Fashioned Faith (Dayspring/Word)
  • 1989: 20 Favorites By The Imperials (Benson)
  • 1992: Masters of Gospel (RiverSong/Benson)
  • 1994: Treasures (StarSong)
  • 1996: The Imperials – Legacy 1977–1988 (Word)
  • 1998: Gospel Music Hall of Fame 1964–1976 (Benson)
  • 2006: The Imperials – Classic Hits (New Haven/Provident)
  • 2007: The Definitive Collection (Word/Warner)

Elvis Presley with The Imperials (complete albums)[edit]

Appearances on other albums[edit]

  • 1965: Dottie Rambo and The Imperials (HeartWarming)
  • 1967: 12 Songs by Bill Gaither – Doug Oldham with Jake Hess and the Imperials (HeartWarming)
  • 1975: Christmas at Our House – various artists "Infant Holy" (Impact)
  • 1976: Only JesusJimmy Swaggart (title song) (JIM Records)
  • 1984: The Praise In Us: A Word Family Praise Album – various artists; "The Praise In Us" (Word Records)
  • 1985: The Continental Singers – Together We Stand; "Who Will Save The Children?"
  • 1990: Handel's Young Messiah; "O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion" (Sony)
  • 1992: A Few Good MenGaither Vocal Band (title song) (Star Song)
  • 1996: Let's Go to Bethlehem – various artists (title song)
  • 2005: The Gospel Side of Elvis – The Stamps and The Imperials (Armond, Jim, Joe, Terry & Sherman) (Daywind/Warner)


Year Single CHR chart peak[3] Album Composer(s)
1978 Sail On 3 Sail On Chris Christian
Water Grave 14 Steve & Annie Chapman
1979 Overcomer 15 Heed The Call James Hollihan
Praise the Lord 1 Brown Bannister/Mike Hudson
Oh Buddha 1 Mark Farrow
1980 What I Can Do for You 12 One More Song for You Michael & Stormie Omartian
I'm Forgiven 1 M. Omartian, Bruce Hibbard, Hadley Hockensmith
One More Song for You 10 Michael & Stormie Omartian
1981 I'd Rather Believe in You 5 Priority Michael & Stormie Omartian
Finish What You Started 2 Russ & Tori Taff/Michael Omartian
The Trumpet Of Jesus 1 Michael & Stormie Omartian
Be Still My Soul 19 Russ & Tori Taff
1983 Lord of the Harvest 1 Stand by the Power Paul Smith, James Newton-Howard
Somebody New 9 Paul Smith
Because of Who You Are 1 Bob Farrell/Billy Smiley
1984 Wait Upon the Lord 1 Side by Side Paul Smith, Ragan Courtney, Keith Thomas
You're the Only Jesus 20 Gordon Jensen
Make My Heart Your Home 13 Paul Smith, Keith Thomas
1985 Let the Wind Blow 1 Let the Wind Blow David Martin
1986 In The Promised Land 9 Chris Eaton
1987 Devoted To You 7 This Year's Model Ron Hemby, Stephen Bashaw
Wings of Love 1 Paul C. Smith
1988 Free the Fire 1 Free the Fire Michael & Stormie Omartian
1989 The Boss 16 Jimmie Lee Sloas
You 6 Randy Goodrum/Robbie Buchanan/Jimmie Lee
1990 Big Ball Turning 1 Love's Still Changing Hearts Butch Stewart, Brenda Blonski
It's Gonna Be Alright 4 Ron Hemby
Come into My Life 12 Paul Chiten, Pamela Phillips-Oland
1991 Original Love 13 Keith Brown
1993 Taking Your Love for Granted 1 Stir It Up Michael Peterson
2008 We’ve Got a Great Big Wonderful God 3 Back to the Roots Tim Spencer
All That Matters to the Lord 9 Marty Funderburk, Twila McBride-Labar


  • 1970: Elvis: That's the Way It Is (MGM) (Armond, Jim, Joe, Terry & Roger)
  • 1984: The Imperials 20th Anniversary (Myrrh/Word) (Armond, Jim, Dave & Paul)
  • 2003: Elvis Lives 25th Anniversary Concert (Armond, Jim, Joe, Terry, Roger & Sherman)


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