The Incubus (film)

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The Incubus
Directed by John Hough
Produced by Executive Producer:
Stephen J. Friedman
Marc Boyman
John M. Eckert
Written by George Franklin
Based on a Novel by
Ray Russell
Starring John Cassavetes
John Ireland
Music by Stanley Myers
Cinematography Albert J. Dunk
Edited by George Appleby
Distributed by Multicom Entertainment Group Inc., Artists Releasing Corporation
Release dates
August 27, 1982
Running time
93 minutes
Country United States / Canada
Language English
Budget CAD 5,100,00

The Incubus is a 1982 horror film directed by John Hough. Screenplay by George Franklin, based on the novel by Ray Russell. Starring John Cassavetes, Kerrie Keane, John Ireland, Helen Hughes, Erin Flannery, Duncan McIntosh. The film is 93 minutes in length, and has been given an R rating by the MPAA.

The film also unofficially features the NWOBHM band Samson, in the form of show clips taken from the film Biceps of Steel.

Plot summary[edit]

The film is set in the small community of Galen. Cassavetes is a physician who suddenly comes face to face with a series of grotesque rapes in which the women have all died from massive trauma sustained during the attacks. A young man (McIntosh) has dreams about the attacks and fears that he may be unwittingly responsible for the deaths. But the horrible truth is that an incubus, a sexual demon that preys on women, is now stalking the town.


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