The Indigo King

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The Indigo King
Author James A. Owen
Cover artist James A. Owen (illustrator)
Country USA
Language English
Series The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica (Book 3)
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Publication date
October 2008
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 400 hardcover, 384 paperback
ISBN 978-1-4169-5107-0 (hardcover edition)
OCLC 209707671
LC Class PZ7.O97124 Ind 2008
Preceded by The Search for the Red Dragon
Followed by The Shadow Dragons

The Indigo King, released on October 21, 2008, is the third book of The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica, a series of books begun by Here, There Be Dragons, by James A. Owen. It follows The Search for the Red Dragon and precedes The Shadow Dragons, which was released in October 2009.

Plot summary[edit]

Five years after their prior adventure, protagonists John (J.R.R. Tolkien) and Jack (C.S. Lewis) are joined by Hugo Dyson and Owen Barfield. When the former disappears into the past, the badger Fred mistakenly displaces the protagonists into an alternate reality, wherein they are accompanied by 'Chaz', an alternate version of Charles Williams, and in which antagonist Mordred rules the British Isles. Chaz leads the group to Bert (H.G. Wells), who gives John a skull of the deceased Jules Verne, a map, and the 'Serendipity Box' which grants its user the object most in need. Mordred then imprisons the men and badgers and departs, whereupon the badger Uncas releases the men and Bert creates an ocean and summons the ship Red Dragon, on which the protagonists depart. On an island, the protagonists discover a time machine, resembling a television projector, created by Jules Verne. The first slide is of Ancient Greece, where the companions discover twins Myrddyn and Madoc and deduce that one is the Cartographer of Lost Places and the other Mordred. In the next slide, the protagonists find Meridian (Myrddyn) and discover a priestess identified as the Holy Grail, in the Library of Alexandria. In departure Chaz mistakenly destroys the (historical) Library.

In the third slide, the protagonists re-unite with Hugo and witness the 'Tournament of Champions' held to determine the next ruler of Meridian's Precinct (Britain), wherein the three principal entrants are Merlin; Mordred; and Thorn, a boy destined to become King Arthur. Hugo disqualifies Merlin and Mordred, and Thorn becomes Arthur; but does not command the loyalty of the people as he would if the fight continued normally. In the fourth slide, Mordred has allied with Arthur but kills him in a dispute and breaks Caliburn. Having learned that Arthur can be resurrected by the Holy Grail, the protagonists visit Avalon, where Chaz becomes the first Green Knight and receives the Lance of Longinus. Arthur is revived by the Grail's daughter, Rose, who cuts off Mordred's hand when he attempts to kill Merlin. Arthur then summons the dragons to unite the subordinate kings, while Merlin becomes the Cartographer. In the fifth slide, the companions meet Geoffrey of Monmouth, and visit the Keep of Time, where the Cartographer gives them a key to the Keep's topmost room.

There, the protagonists emerge from the door they first entered and hear from Richard Burton that he himself sent Hugo into the past, intending to prove Mordred a victim of fate. In this conversation, Burton is unable to see Rose, who accompanies the protagonists. In a pre-World War II setting, it is hinted that Mordred has rediscovered the Lance of Longinus and is ready to attack the Archipelago.

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