The Innocent (1994 film)

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The Innocent
Directed by Mimi Leder
Produced by Kelsey Grammer
Rudy Hornish
Philip L. Parslow
David Venable
Written by David Venable
Starring Kelsey Grammer
Polly Draper
Jeff Kober
Music by Anthony Marinelli
Country United States
Language English
Original channel NBC
Release date September 25, 1994
Running time 96 minutes

The Innocent is a 1994 American made-for-television drama/crime thriller film directed by Mimi Leder and starring Kelsey Grammer, Polly Draper, and Jeff Kober.[1][2][3]


Lieutenant Frank Barlow (Kelsey Grammer) investigates a robbery that resulted in homicide. The only witness to the crime is a nine-year-old autistic boy named Gregory White (Keegan MacIntosh). When the killers learn of Gregory's existence, they target him, and to protect the child, Barlow takes him to his rural cabin. While there, Barlow, whose own son died a year previously, bonds with Gregory.[4]



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