Institution of Herstedvester

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The Institution of Herstedvester is a closed prison in Herstedvester, Denmark, for treatment under the Danish Prison and Probation Service. It houses convicted felons and in some cases also people with custody rulings in need of psychiatric assistance and observation.

Herstedvester was built in 1935 for the detention and imprisonment of psychopaths. The names are now changed, but it is still common for prisoners in this institution to have some kind of mental illness. Many of them have a custody ruling. The institution has 138 closed seats, while the open space has 15 seats.

Inmates who are convicted of sexual crimes may be offered medical castration.

Coordinates: 55°39′37″N 12°20′52″E / 55.6603°N 12.3478°E / 55.6603; 12.3478