The International Preparatory School

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The International Preparatory School
Grover Cleveland High School BuffaloNY.JPG
110 14th Street
Front Park
Buffalo, New York, Erie, 14213
United States
Coordinates 42°54′15″N 78°53′05″W / 42.9042107°N 78.8847496°W / 42.9042107; -78.8847496Coordinates: 42°54′15″N 78°53′05″W / 42.9042107°N 78.8847496°W / 42.9042107; -78.8847496
Type Comprehensive School of Choice
Established 2007
Status Priority School
Superintendent Pamela C. Brown
School number 198
Principal Carlos R. Alvarez, Jr.
Vice principal Danielle A. Cugalj
Grades 5-12
Enrollment 431
Team name Presidents
School Administration Manager Jamie Barden
Dean of Students Donald R. White, II

The International Preparatory School is a high school that serves grades 5-12 in the Lower West Side of Buffalo, New York. The school chiefly draws on the largely immigrant population of the West Side, and over 40 languages are spoken by the student body.[1] The current principal is Mr. Carlos Alvarez, and the current assistant principal is Ms. Danielle Cugalj.


I-Prep's temporary location on Clinton Street from 2011-2013

The school was first established in 2007 as a school within a school at Grover Cleveland High School to serve the growing diversity of Buffalo's Lower West Side. From 2007-2011, the school was based in the building while sharing space with the Grover Cleveland High School students. From 2011-2013, International Prep was housed in the former PS 187 Buffalo Academy for Visual & Performing Arts while renovations were being made to the Grover Cleveland building. International Prep returned to Grover Cleveland High in 2013.

Former principal[edit]

Previous assignment and reason for departure denoted in parentheses

  • Mr. Kevin J. Eberle–2007-2013 (Principal - Grover Cleveland High School, named Interim Principal of School 115)

Former assistant principal[edit]


Year Superintendent Principal Vice Principal
2007-2008 James Williams Kevin Eberle
2008-2009 James Williams Kevin Eberle
2009-2010 James Williams Kevin Eberle Gabriella Morquecho
2010-2011 James Williams Kevin Eberle Gabriella Morquecho
2011-2012 Amber Dixon* Kevin Eberle Gabriella Morquecho
2012-2013 Pam Brown Kevin Eberle Gabriella Morquecho
2013-2014 Pam Brown Carlos Alvarez Danielle Cugalj


International Prep is accredited with the College Board. It offers a College Preparatory curriculum and an Architecture & Design academy through University at Buffalo for its high school students. It is partnered with University at Buffalo, D'Youville College, Father Belle Center, and Community Action Organization.[1]


Period Number/Activity Beginning Bell End Bell
Period 1 7:55 8:47
Period 2 8:50 9:32
Period 3 9:35 10:17
Period 4 10:20 11:02
Grades 9-12 Lunch 11:05 11:25
Period 5 Grades 5-8 11:05 11:47
Period 5 Grades 9-12 11:28 12:10
Period 6 Grades 7-8 11:50 12:32
Grades 5-6 Lunch 11:50 12:10
Period 6 Grades 5-6, 9-12 12:13 12:55
Grades 7-8 Lunch 12:35 12:55
Period 7 12:58 1:40
Period 8 1:43 2:25


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