The International Tweexcore Underground

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"The International Tweexcore Underground"
Single by Los Campesinos!
B-side "C Is the Heavenly Option"
"Police Story"
Released 15 October 2007 (Download)
22 October 2007 (7" & CD)
Format 7", CD, Download
Genre Indie pop
Length 8:43
Label Wichita
Producer(s) David Newfeld
Los Campesinos! singles chronology
"You! Me! Dancing!"
"The International Tweexcore Underground"
"Death to Los Campesinos!" (2008)

"The International Tweexcore Underground" is a song by UK indie pop band Los Campesinos!. It was released on 15 October 2007 on iTunes, and was released physically on 22 October 2007 on Wichita.

The title of the track is a parody of a series of 7" singles on K Records entitled The International Pop Underground. K Records is home to Calvin Johnson, who originally appeared on one of the B-sides of the single - covers of songs by Heavenly and Black Flag. Both Amelia Fletcher and Henry Rollins are namechecked in the single.[1] K Records are further referenced by Los Campesinos! in the lyrics of "Knee Deep at ATP", a song which appears on their debut album.

This track is not featured on the band's debut album. The video for the single was recorded at The Opera House in Toronto – a venue that Los Campesinos! would return to on April 1, 2009 as part of their North American tour.[2]


The song is an argument between a twee fan (played by Gareth) and a punk fan (played by Aleks). In the verses both stick up for their culture's ideals by pointing out the flaws they find in the other. Examples of this are how Gareth says that Aleks could never listen to an album of her music and read fiction at the same time and how Aleks believes that the only reason Gareth listens to this music is that he is scared to be alone. The chorus features the naming of several prominent twee and punk figures (Amelia Fletcher, Calvin Johnson, Ian MacKaye and Henry Rollins). However, they use these names so that the listener knows that Gareth never cared for Fugazi and Black Flag and Aleks never cared for Heavenly or Beat Happening/K Records. Immediately following this however, is the exclamation that the International Tweexcore underground (a reference to the International Pop Underground, an integral part of twee history) will save them all. The international tweexcore underground is the ultimate joining of both groups, with the twee and hardcore genres forming together and learning to coexist peacefully.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "The International Tweexcore Underground"   3:11
2. "C Is the Heavenly Option" (originally by Heavenly and Calvin Johnson) 3:17
3. "Police Story" (originally by Black Flag) 2:15


  • Aleksandra – vocals, keyboard
  • Ellen – bass guitar
  • Gareth – vocals, glockenspiel
  • Harriet – violin, keyboard
  • Neil – guitar
  • Ollie – drums
  • Tom – lead guitar
  • David Newfeld – producer