The Irishman (film)

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For the upcoming Martin Scorsese film, see Martin Scorsese#Future films.
The Irishman
Directed by Donald Crombie
Produced by Anthony Buckley
Written by Donald Crombie
Starring Michael Craig
Simon Burke
Robyn Nevin
Forest Home Films
South Australian Film Corporation
Release dates 1978
Country Australia
Language English
Budget AU $840,000 (est.)[1]
Box office AU $622,000[2]

The Irishman is an Australian 1978 romantic drama film directed and written by Donald Crombie.


In 1978, the book was adapted for the screen in a film of the same name.[3] The film version was written and directed by Donald Crombie for whom it was a labour of love.[4]

The movie was budgeted at $767,000 but went $80,000 over.[1] It was filmed in May through to July in 1977.


The film was a disappointment at the box office. Crombie later said he thought it was five to ten minutes too long, and suffered from being released soon after The Mango Tree, another coming of age period movie set in Queensland, when there was a backlash against period films.[5]


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