The Irony of It All

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"The Irony of It All" is a song by The Streets. It features a dialogue between two people, "law-abiding" alcohol-consuming yob Terry, who calls himself 'an upstanding citizen', and 'criminal' cannabis smoking Tim. The irony referred to in the title of the song is that the legal drug alcohol is associated with many deaths and violent behaviour, while illegal cannabis has "no recorded fatalities". Tim is depicted as watching BBC2 all night till his bedtime at 6 am, and using his engineering degree to make home-made bongs.


The video is essentially the song, with Mike Skinner taking both roles. However, the video adds to the irony, as the pub is relatively organized and normal. Tim's house is bizarre, messy, and the pizza delivery man who comes is mindless and robotically moves, and is in nothing but underwear. As well as this, the main characters' eyes seem to be larger than is natural. This is likely because of his glasses.

Skinner points out that marijuana users generally stick to themselves and cause no trouble. They are often educated people who are far from the "mindless drug addicts" they are portrayed as. Alcohol abusers, in contrast, cost nations greatly in terms of violence and healthcare.