The Jew in the Lotus

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The Jew in the Lotus is a best-selling book by Rodger Kamenetz. It is an account of an historic dialogue between rabbis and the Dalai Lama, the first recorded major dialogue between experts in Judaism and Buddhism. The book was the first to introduce the expression "JUBU" for Jewish-Buddhist to a wide audience. The title is a pun on the Tibetan mantra Om mani padme hum which is frequently misinterpreted as "hail to the jewel in the lotus."

First published in 1994 by Harper San Francisco, it is now on its 33rd reprint. ISBN 978-0-06-064574-8 In Fall 2007 the paperback was reissued in a PLUS edition that includes an afterword by the author bringing the story of the Jewish-Buddhist dialogue up to date.

The Jew in the Lotus was made into a PBS film which was first aired in 1999.