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Liquidation Channel
LC Logo
Launched December 1, 2008 (2008-12-01)
Owned by The Jewelry Channel, Inc.
Slogan Exceptional Quality, Exquisite Design, Outstanding Value
Country United States
Broadcast area Worldwide
Headquarters Austin, Texas
Replaced The Jewelery Channel
DirecTV Channel 226
Dish Network Channel 274
Verizon Fios Channel 159
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Cox Communications Check local listings for channels
Cablevision Check local listings for channels
The Jewelry Channel
Launched April 18, 2007
Closed December 1, 2008
Country United States
Replaced by Liquidation Channel

Liquidation Channel, is a 24/7 home shopping and ecommerce business headquartered in Austin, TX. With a more than 80 million household reach, Liquidation Channel (LC) is one of the fastest growing Jewelry and Lifestyle retail business in the US. Liquidation Channel is part of the Vaibhav Global Limited (VGL Group). The company mines and handcrafts many of the products sold on its TV networks.


The predecessor to the Liquidation Channel, The Jewelry Channel, was an American home shopping channel that specialized in the sale of jewelry, in the manner of a reverse auction format. Based in Austin, Texas, the channel initially began broadcasting on DirecTV, soon adding Dish Network and small- to medium-sized cable markets. The channel could also be viewed in a live streaming format on the company's official website.

LC began broadcasting in the Vancouver/Victoria market on Victoria station CHEK-DT on Monday, June 25. This is the channel’s first broadcast into Canada. The broadcast is Sunday through Friday from 12am – 6am, and Saturday from 2am – 6am. The company is very pleased with initial performance, and hopes to expand their presence in Canada even further. Happening around the same time as the Canadian broadcast, the company has updated their studio look, revealing a new design just in time for the 4th of July. The design includes a complete new look that will reflect the latest in style, a much sharper background, new lighting, and a setting that will allow better interaction with Viewers.

All of these improvements have been made possible by the growth of the company and the expanded customer base they have achieved in the last 2 years. To support this progress, the company employee group has also grown from 58 employees at the end of 2009 to over 500 current employees. LC has also just begun the 5th expansion of its warehouse. As all of this growth happens within the company’s Austin, TX headquarters, they have also added a new benefit, the Hope Scholarship, to employees. This scholarship will be awarded to 12 employees’ children each year to help fund their college educations.

It was reported on the Austin American-Statesman web site on June 16, 2008 that TJC would close its doors and cease broadcasting in early August 2008, with its staff of 106 employees being laid off. Although the network went off-air in early December 2008, a new network began broadcasting on the same day in its place. Presenter Dan Dennis, along with presenter Sayed Haider, provided information on the evening of November 30, 2008 that this new channel would be called the "Liquidation Channel", or LC for short. Essentially, all of TJC's jewelry had to be sold as this new network would have a new lot of jewelry, with all of the unsold TJC jewelry being shipped to its sister networks in the UK and Germany. Dennis went on to point out that there were "entirely new computers and databases marked with 'LC'" ready for use with the Liquidation Channel and that this channel would feature "jewelry, accessories, and many other products". It was implied that many of TJC's talent would be featured on the new network.

The Liquidation Channel succeeded The Jewelry Channel on December 1, 2008 at 1:00AM ET. The first official auction began at 5:05PM Eastern Time after over 16 hours of a promotional loop.

The Jewelry Channel USA has overseas versions of their channel in the United Kingdom (The Jewellery Channel) and Germany (Der Schmuckkanal) that are still active.

LC features many of the same music, graphics, and sound effects that were featured on The Jewelry Channel.


LC operates in a reverse auction format. The channel will feature an item, and show a starting price and quantity available. They will then drop that amount down to the Liquidation Channel price. Occasionally the price will continue to drop down even more, depending on the item. In some instances, additional quantities of an item may be added, if more of the specific item are discovered in the inventory.[citation needed]

The host will continue to talk about the item, mentioning various aspects of the item such as size, gemstone, and other important information (such as additional sizes, stone cut, carat size, etc.) during which time a countdown clock runs (on the right side of the screen) and the quantity decreases as items are sold. If the item sells out before the clock expires, LC goes to the next item.

The price shown does not include shipping and handling charges. Shipping and Handling charges are determined by the day of sale or any special deals being offered. Shipping charges can range from $1.99 to $2.99 depending on the day the item is sold, and if any specials are being offered (such as a Free Shipping Offers), it is shown on the screen during the broadcast. As the company is based in Austin, Texas residents will also have to pay state sales tax for any items purchased (tax is charged on both the item price and the shipping charge).

Liquidation Channel is an All Sales Final company for items sold at less than $200 & are non-returnable. Occasionally LC will designate some items as returnable, and those items will display that in the item description (located in the lower right side of the screen). Returnable items have a 30 day window in order to return an item.

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