Jewish Tribune (UK)

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The Jewish Tribune
Type Weekly newspaper
Format Berliner
Founded 1962
Language English
Headquarters 97 Stamford Hill, London, United Kingdom

The Jewish Tribune is a privately owned Haredi weekly newspaper based in Stamford Hill, London. Founded in 1962, it appears every Thursday, providing news, views, social and cultural reports, as well as editorials and feature articles, and a spectrum of readers' opinions.[1] With a circulation of over 2500, the paper is the fourth largest Jewish paper in England after The Jewish Chronicle, the Jewish Telegraph and Hamodia and is the third oldest continuously published Jewish newspaper in England.

The Jewish Tribune is published by Agudath Israel of Great Britain.

It is the only newspaper published in the UK to have a section in Yiddish.

In August 2010, rumours circulated that the newspaper would fold following the Rosh Hashana but the newspaper surmounted its problems and continues to publish.


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