The John Renbourn Group

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The John Renbourn Group
Origin England
Genres Folk
Years active 1977-1978
Labels Transatlantic
Associated acts Pentangle
Members John Renbourn
Jacqui McShee
Keshav Sathe
John Molineux
Past members Sue Draheim
Glen Tommy

The John Renbourn Group was a folk group formed by John Renbourn in 1977 with Jacqui McShee, Sue Draheim, Tony Roberts and Keshav Sathe.

Formation And debut Album[edit]

John Renbourn had been having a simple relaxing get-together of good people with similar musical ideas with folk music for years after moving out to the country due to the intensity of touring with Pentangle. The result of these get-togethers was The John Renbourn Group thou the group was never originally intended as a commercial venture. The first line up of the group got together to record their first album; the group consistsed of fellow ex pentangle member Jacqui McShee (vocals), American violinist and vocalist Sue Draheim, Indian born tabla player Keshav Sathe and Flautist/oboist/recorder player/vocalist Tony Roberts. The groups first album A Maid in Bedlam was recorded and released in 1977, it had good reviews but failed to chart. Not long after the release Sue Draheim left the group and return to her native America, the group continued for the rest of 77 without her but in early 1978 John Renbourn decided to disband the group to continue with his solo career.


In 1980 John Renbourn decided to reform The John Renbourn Group. This time he added dulcimer player John Molineux and drummer Glen Tommy. Jacqui McShee, Keshav Sathe and Tony Roberts all returned to the band to complete the line up. This line up would record the second and last studio album The Enchanted Garden in 1980. Like its predecessor, the album got good review but failed to chart in the UK. The group toured the UK and America and in 1981 recorded their only live album on their 1981 American tour. The album 'Live in America' was released the same year and got good reviews. The group disbanded after John Renbourn and Jacqui McShee went on to form Pentangle.


Studio Albums[edit]

Live Albums[edit]

  • Live in America (1981)