Joy Behar: Say Anything!

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Joy Behar: Say Anything!
Joy Behar Say Anything Title Card.jpg
Genre Talk Show
Presented by Joy Behar
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 156
Location(s) Time Warner Center
New York City (2009–11)
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel HLN (2009–11)
Current TV (September 4, 2012–August 1, 2013)
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original airing September 29, 2009 – December 16, 2011 (HLN)
September 4, 2012 – August 1, 2013 (Current TV)
Preceded by Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell (HLN)

Joy Behar: Say Anything! is a news program and talk show hosted by Emmy-award winning talk show host Joy Behar. The program had its "Preview" while Behar filled in as a week-long host on Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer on June 18, 2012, and officially premiered on Current TV on September 4, 2012. The final episode of the Current TV program aired on Thursday August 1, 2013, as the network prepared to transition to Al Jazeera America.

HLN version (2009–11)[edit]

The Joy Behar Show was a news program and talk show that premiered on HLN on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 and ran until December 16, 2011. The show was hosted by Joy Behar, who is one of the five co-hosts of The View.

The show originally aired in the 9PM eastern slot/8PM central with encore presentations at 12AM and 5AM eastern, but was moved to 10PM eastern in January 2011 with encore presentations at 3AM eastern. The show aired new episodes Monday through Friday, while the shows on Saturday and Sunday were reruns.

The show's format was generally an interview/discussion setting where Joy Behar and her panel of guests discussed current events in pop culture, politics, and general media happenings. Guests were also often interviewed one on one, or by satellite feed, where questions are more geared toward that particular guest's life and views.

The show was cancelled on November 17, 2011 and Joy Behar stated that she appreciated all of the people who helped put the show together.[1] The final episode aired on Friday, December 16, 2011.

HLN guests[edit]

Some guests who appeared on the HLN show include: Kate Gosselin, Jeff Ross, Joan Rivers, Kathy Griffin, Bette Midler, Christopher Hitchens, Ann Coulter, Michael Moore, Jeanine Pirro, Sarah Silverman, Bill Murray, Gilbert Gottfried, Roseanne Barr, Dolly Parton, Steve Martin, Perez Hilton, Susie Essman, Carrie Fisher, Arianna Huffington and Valerie Bertinelli. Her View Co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and former co-host Star Jones, also appeared.

HLN Ratings[edit]

During its HLN run, The Joy Behar Show was not successful in comparison to other cable news shows of its format. A ratings snapshot taken February 11, 2010 revealed Behar as the fourth highest rated show in its timeslot, well over two million viewers behind Sean Hannity.[2]

Move to Current TV (2012–13)[edit]

On June 11, 2012, Behar signed a deal with Current TV to do a similar show, now shortened to just Joy Behar, but with a more political slant. Although the series debuted in September 2012, she unveiled her new series logo during her fill-in as host for Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer on June 18, 2012.[3]

On July 31, 2012, Current TV announced that the program would debut on September 4, 2012 and would be titled Joy Behar: Say Anything!.[4]

Joy Behar: Say Anything! premiered on Current TV on Tuesday September 4, 2012 at 6:00e/3:00p with guests Darrell Hammond, Al Gore, Judy Gold and Rob Shuter. The show aired from Monday to Thursday at 9:00/8:00c.


Ep. Original airdate Interview guest(s) Guest panelists & show details
1 1 September 4, 2012 Darrell Hammond, Al Gore Plus, Judy Gold and Rob Shuter.
2 2 September 5, 2012 Lewis Black and Carrie Fisher Plus the latest on the Democratic Convention with Governor Jennifer Granholm and political columnist Sophia Nelson.
3 3 September 6, 2012 Melissa Etheridge Plus, Jennifer Psaki, Michael Maslansky, Marc Lamont Hill and Alan Colmes.
4 4 September 10, 2012 Dee and Suzette Snider Plus, Joe Levy, Jessica Kirson and Jennifer Granholm.
5 5 September 11, 2012 Colin Quinn Plus, Shmuley Boteach, Edward Beck, Anthea Butler, Boris Epshteyn and China Okasi.
6 6 September 12, 2012 Jesse Ventura, Susie Essman, Logan Levkoff and Tony Danza
7 7 September 13, 2012 Melissa Leo Plus, Lenny McAllister, Robert Zimmerman and Hanna Rosin.
8 8 September 24, 2012 Musician and activist Wyclef Jean & Justin Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette Plus, Joy’s interview with Susan Sarandon and Cyndi Lauper.
9 9 September 25, 2012 Lloyd Grove, Sue Simmons and Suzanne Somers
10 10 September 26, 2012 Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, Gloria Steinem, Shelby Knox, Howard Bragman and Nancy Giles
11 11 September 27, 2012 Mario Cantone, Carole King, Richard Belzer and Stephen Baldwin
12 12 October 1, 2012 Frank Rich, Andy Cohen, Ian Kerner and Cindy Gallop
13 13 October 2, 2012 Ann Coulter, Kevin Powell, Jenny McCarthy and Stacy London
14 14 October 3, 2012 Gotham and Deepak Chopra Guest host John Fugelsang. Plus, Rick Ungar, Cheri Jacobus, Baratunde Thurston and Hal Sparks.
15 15 October 4, 2012 Alfre Woodard Plus, Kellyanne Conway, Robert Zimmerman, John Fugelsang, Rob Shuter, Rachel Sklar and Victoria Jackson.
16 16 October 8, 2012 Tyne Daly Plus, Bill Press, Armstrong Williams, and David Rothenberg.
17 17 October 9, 2012 Anna Greenberg, Eliot Spitzer, Rick Tyler, Linda Fairstein, John Walsh, Gilbert Gottfried and Robert Klein
18 18 October 10, 2012 Crystal Wright, Penny Lee, Paul Carrick Brunson, Kailen Rosenberg and Rain Pryor
19 19 October 15, 2012 Regis Philbin, Camille Paglia and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed
20 20 October 16, 2012 Lorraine Bracco, Kathleen Turner, Christine Todd Whitman and Jennifer Granholm
21 21 October 17, 2012 Stephanie Cutter, Valerie Bertinelli, Robert Zimmerman, David Fredosso, Jennifer Granholm and D.L. Hughley
22 22 October 18, 2012 Sophia Nelson, Sam Seder, Nate Berkus and Ruth Westheimer
23 23 October 22, 2012 Jamal Simmons, Sabrina Schaeffer, Bob Saget and Yvette Nicole Brown
24 24 October 23, 2012 Barbara Boxer, Sam Seder, Crystal Wright, Kathy Najimy and Penny Marshall
25 25 October 24, 2012 Michael Steele, Mark Levine, Mo Rocca, Parker Posey and Aasif Mandvi
26 26 October 25, 2012 Ford O’Connell, Farai Chideya, Rob Shuter, Sarah Bernard, Lisa Lillien and Rosie Perez
27 27 November 1, 2012 Robert Zimmerman, Michael Maslansky, Nancy Giles, Amy Heckerling, Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert
28 28 November 5, 2012 Richard Belzer, Wayne Allyn Root, Robert Zimmerman, China Okasi and Boris Epshteyn
29 29 November 6, 2012 Comedians Tommy Davidson, Judy Gold, Chuck Nice, Lizz Winstead and Jeffrey Ross
30 30 November 7, 2012 Bill Richardson, Alan Grayson, Dan Savage, Nancy Giles, Armstrong Williams, Erica Payne and Wayne Allyn Root
31 31 November 8, 2012 Ty Pennington, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Father Edward Beck, Anthea Butler Also, a pop culture roundtable with Noah Levy, Keith Powell and Jessica Shaw
32 32 November 12, 2012 Howard Bragman, Sal Strazzullo, Darrell Hammond, Craig Bierko, Joe Levy and Rachel Sklar
33 33 November 13, 2012 Jane Pauley, Michael Symon and biographer Kitty Kelley
34 34 November 14, 2012 Whoopi Goldberg and Nick Cannon Plus, Frank Bruni, Jack Cloonan, and Bethany Marshall on the Petraeus scandal.
35 35 November 15, 2012 Mike Daly, Julian Epstein, Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznick, Rob Shuter, Arden Myrin and Jennifer Hutt
36 36 November 19, 2012 Meredith Vieira and Frank Rich Plus, a look at today's pop culture stories with Sarah Bernard and comedians Jim Florentine and Nikki Glaser
37 37 November 20, 2012 Liza Minnelli, David Steinberg and Susie Essman
38 38 November 21, 2012 Chef Michael Symon, Iyanla Vanzant and Rico Rodriguez
39 39 November 26, 2012 Salman Rushdie Plus, a look at today’s top pop culture stories with W. Kamau Bell, Chuck Nice and Sara Gore
40 40 November 27, 2012 Actress Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos Plus, part two of Joy’s interview with author Salman Rushdie.
41 41 November 28, 2012 Fran Drescher and Tichina Arnold Plus, Chaim Levin, who is suing a Jewish gay conversion therapy group that promised to make him straight.
42 42 November 29, 2012 Annie Potts and Janet Hubert Plus, comedian Rich Vos and celebrity journalist Bonnie Fuller.
43 43 December 3, 2012 Carson Kressley and Meliss Francis Plus, a look at today’s top pop culture stories with Sherrod Small, Ben Aaron and Galina Espinoza.
44 44 December 4, 2012 Lenny McAllister, Chris Hahn, and Katie Roiphe Plus, Holy Rollers with Father Edward Beck, Rabbi David Ingber and Rev. Susan Sparks.
45 45 December 5, 2012 Tony Goldwyn and Dr. Ruth Westheimer Plus, a look at today’s top pop culture stories with Famestream Media panelists John Fugelsang, Jeremy Kyle and Kim Coles.
46 46 December 6, 2012 Cheri Oteri Plus, political hot topics with Sam Seder and Ron Christie. And, Gary Gulman, Jacque Reid and Noah Levy join our Famestream Media panel.
47 47 December 11, 2012 Mandy Patinkin and Susannah Cahalan Plus, Hanna Rosin, Siggy Flicker and Matt Titus.
48 48 December 12, 2012 Margaret Carlson, Michael Maslansky, and T.I. Plus, Rachel Sklar, Tom Cotter and Jay Thomas.
49 49 December 13, 2012 Jeremy Irons, Kevin Nealon and A Christmas Story star Peter Billingsley Plus, Sherri Shepherd talks with Joy Behar “Comics with Benefits”.
50 50 December 17, 2012 Sandy Hook Discussion with Dr. Marisa Randazzo, Dr. Brian Russell, Dr. Alicia Salzer and Dr. Adam Brown Plus, David Sirota and Steven Dulan debate gun control. And Holy Rollers panelists Father Edward Beck, Professor Anthea Butler and Rabbi David Ingber consider how God could have let the event happen
51 51 December 18, 2012 Marc Lamont Hill and Jon Meacham On Gun Control Plus, Dr. Michael Welner and Dr. Robin Smith discuss the mind of a killer. Famestream Media panelists Howard Bragman, China Okasi and Judy Gold consider media coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
52 52 December 19, 2012 The Top 10 Pop Culture Stories of 2012 with Rob Shuter, Chuck Nice, and Sarah Bernard Plus, actress Renee Taylor.
53 53 December 20, 2012 Olivia Newton-John Plus, comedian Gilbert Gottfried, porn icon Robin Byrd, Kevin Nealon and Jeremy Irons.
54 54 January 2, 2013 Forbes columnist Rick Ungar, Democratic strategist Zerlina Maxwell, GOP strategist Tom Doherty Plus, filmmakers Kevin Mazur and Tricia Nolan, “Just Jenny” host Jenny Hutt, ABC News reporter Sheila Marikar and comedian Sherrod Small. Featuring guest host John Fugelsang.
55 55 January 3, 2013 Republican comedian Ellen Karis, TV personality Rene Syler, Huffington Post Executive Business Editor Peter Goodman Plus, fitness instructor Kristen James, dietician Laura Cipullo, Domonique Scott and Christina Murray of TLC’s “Sisterhood,” and Anthea Butler, Religious Studies professor. Featuring guest host John Fugelsang.
56 56 January 7, 2013 Lisa Vanderpump, John Fugelsang, Nancy Giles, and Robert Zimmerman Plus, Dr. Ian Smith and Logan Levkoff.
57 57 January 8, 2013 Joy Goes to Hollywood: Betty White and the cast of Shahs of Sunset
58 58 January 9, 2013 Eben Alexander, Vinny Guadagnino, and S. Epatha Merkerson
59 59 January 10, 2013 JB Smoove, Marlon Wayans, Bill Spadea, and Sam Seder
60 60 January 14, 2013 Mob Wives stars Renee Graziano and Love Majewski Plus, Republican strategist Boris Epshteyn and Democratic strategist Christopher Hahn join Joy to debate gun control. Famestream Media panelists Rob Shuter, Galina Espinoza and Chuck Nice dish on the Golden Globes.
61 61 January 15, 2013 Joy Goes to Hollywood: Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks
62 62 January 16, 2013 Jerry Springer, Kim Richards, and Mob Wives stars Karen Gravano, Ramona Rizzo, Drita D’Avanzo and Carla Facciolo
63 63 January 17, 2013 Barney Frank, Ian Drew, Judy Gold, and Marianne Garvey Plus, controversial author Dara-Lynn Weiss talks about putting her 7-year-old daughter on a diet.
64 64 January 22, 2013 George Takei and Dr. Cheryl Cohen Green Plus, Bill Spadea, Lizz Winstead, and Nancy Giles discuss the Inauguration.
65 65 January 23, 2013 Wade Davis and director Tom Hooper Plus, Sarah Bernard, comedian Chuck Nice and “Naughty But Nice” columnist Rob Shuter.
66 66 January 24, 2013 Cyndi Lauper and Vanilla Ice Plus, Linda Stasi, Jo Koy, Noah Levy and Bonnie Fuller.
67 67 January 28, 2013 Susie Essman Plus, a look at today’s top pop culture stories with Judy Gold, Joe Levy and Jessica Shaw. And Joy sits down with Holy Rollers panelists Anthea Butler, Rabbi David Ingber and Bethany Blankley.
68 68 January 29, 2013 SNL Writer Alan Zweibel and Michele Sileo and Elura Nanos of OWN's Staten Island Law Plus, Democratic strategist Chris Hahn, Republican strategist Ron Christie, and Dr. Steve Salvatore.
69 69 January 30, 2013 Erica and Tina Campbell of Mary Mary and Stephen Fakuna Plus, Famestream Media panelists Russell Peters, Rachel Sklar and Ian Drew on the top pop culture stories of the day.
70 70 January 31, 2013 Mario Cantone and Jacob Rudolph Plus, a look at the top pop culture stories with Chuck Nice, Howard Bragman and China Okasi.
71 71 February 4, 2013 Rev Run and Tyrese Gibson Plus, Andrew Dice Clay, Rob Shuter, Galina Espinoza and Chuck Nice.
72 72 February 5, 2013 Cheryl Hines and Rachel Dratch Plus, a political roundtable with Armstrong Williams and Robert Zimmerman.
73 73 February 6, 2013 Frank DeCaro and Heather McDonald Plus, Dorothy Cascerceri, Bonnie McFarlane and Rich Vos.
74 74 February 7, 2013 Pia Zadora and Susie Essman Plus, a political roundtable with Boris Epshteyn and Chris Hahn.
75 75 February 11, 2013 Anthea Butler Plus, a look at today's pop culture stories with Judy Gold, Joe Levy and Nancy Giles. Also, a political roundtable with Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman and Republican strategist Bill Spadea.
76 76 February 13, 2013 Carson Kressley, Brandi Glanville, and MTV’s Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer Plus, a look back at last night’s State of the Union address with Chris Hahn and Ford O’Connell.
77 77 February 14, 2013 Gavin Newsom and Jackie Collins Plus, the latest pop culture news with Rob Shuter, Sherrod Small and Rachel Sklar. Guest host Jerry Springer.
78 78 February 19, 2013 Suze Orman Plus, the latest pop culture news with Rob Shuter, Galina Espinoza and Chuck Nice.
79 79 February 20, 2013 Billy Goldberg and Jaiya Plus, a political roundtable with Armstrong Williams, Sam Seder, Rebecca Dana.
80 80 February 21, 2013 Sex experts Logan Levkoff and Debbie Magids Plus, Jimmy Lee Hales and the latest pop culture news with Sherrod Small, Jacque Reid and Ian Drew. Guest host Nancy Giles.
81 81 February 25, 2013 Pastor Jay Bakker of Revolution Church NYC Plus, Famestream Media panelists Rob Shuter, Judy Gold and Chuck Nice join “Say Anything!” host Joy Behar to weigh in on the Oscars.
82 82 February 26, 2013 Lewis Black and Dr. Robin Smith Plus, model Emme and Melissa Francis.
83 83 February 27, 2013 Barbara Corcoran Plus, a sex panel with Siggy Flicker, Mandy Stadtmiller and Garren James. And, author James Lasdun talks about being the target of a stalker.
84 84 February 28, 2013 Alex Karpovsky and Jennifer Rawlings Plus, Holy Rollers panelists Father Edward Beck, Bethany Blankley and Rabbi David Ingber discuss Benedict XVI’s last day as pope, among other topics.
85 85 March 4, 2013 Jenny Lawson Plus, Sam Seder and Bill Spadea discuss Mitt and Ann Romney’s first TV interview since the election. And, Chuck Nice, Rob Shuter and Galina Espinoza on the top pop culture stories of the day.
86 86 March 5, 2013 Dr. Ian K. Smith Plus, Lauren Drain talks about her experience inside the Westboro Baptist Church.
87 87 March 6, 2013 Katherine LaNasa Plus, Howard Bragman, Jacque Reid and Jim Florentine discuss the day's top pop culture stories with guest host Bobby Flay.
88 88 March 7, 2013 Frank Rich and Ashanti Plus, actor and comedian Bobcat Goldthwait.
89 89 March 11, 2013 Lily Tomlin Plus, “Walking Dead” actor IronE Singleton and a roundup of the top pop culture stories with Famestream Media panelists Rob Shuter, Judy Gold and Galina Espinoza.
90 90 March 12, 2013 The Cast of Braxton Family Values Plus, Christa Parravani, author of the powerful new memoir, “Her.”
91 91 March 13, 2013 Toni Braxton Plus, a political roundtable with Chris Hahn, China Okasi and Ron Christie. And, Famestream Media panelists Chuck Nice, Sarah Bernard, and Joe Levy with the top pop culture stories.
92 92 March 14, 2013 Sam Champion and Chely Wright Guest host Howard Bragman. Plus, Famestream Media panelists Bonnie Fuller, Jacque Reid and Dena Blizzard.
93 93 March 18, 2013 Jon Secada and Karen Gravano of Mob Wives Guest host Carson Kressley. Plus, a pop culture roundup with Sherrod Small, Noah Levy and Marianne Garvey.
94 94 March 19, 2013 Andrew McCarthy and comedian Josh Wolf Guest host Stacy London. Plus, a pop culture roundup with Rachel Sklar, Sarah Bernard and Jessica Kirson.
95 95 March 20, 2013 Hardcore Pawn star Les Gold Guest host Jerry Springer. Plus, a look at the day’s pop culture stories with Rob Shuter, Jenny Hutt and Arden Myrin.
96 96 March 21, 2013 Author Lucinda Bassett Guest host Nancy Giles. Also, a discussion about adoption with Jane Aronson and Deborra-Lee Furness. And, a pop culture roundup with Ian Drew, Sara Gore and Don Jamieson.
97 97 March 25, 2013 Chris Hahn and Armstrong Williams Guest host Montel Williams. Also, Donna Jackson Nakazawa, Keri Glassman, Dr. Robyn Smith and Lisa Sanders.
98 98 March 26, 2013 Director P.J. Hogan and Dr. Venus Nicolino from L.A. Shrinks Guest host Chuck Nice. Plus, Paul Carrick Brunson and Siggy Flicker with advice on relationships.
99 99 March 27, 2013 Emileen Hanna and Michael Markiewicz Guest host Judy Gold. The latest on DOMA with Laverne Cox, Noah Michelson and David Mixner. Plus, Jim Florentine, Jacque Reid and Dorothy Cascerceri.
100 100 April 1, 2013 Money Expert Jean Chatzky Plus, politics with Boris Epshteyn, Robert Zimmerman and China Okasi. And, a pop culture roundtable with Rob Shuter, Chuck Nice and Galina Espinoza.
101 101 April 2, 2013 Patti Davis Also, Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Barney and Vicky Gunvalson. Plus, Michele Sileo and Elura Nanos of OWN's Staten Island Law chat with Joy.
102 102 April 3, 2013 Nia Vardalos and Michelle Rhee Plus, the debate over “Lean In” with Lisa Miller, Bonnie Fuller and Lisa Belkin.
103 103 April 4, 2013 Dr. Daniel Amen and Jenni Pulos of Bravo’s Flipping Out Plus, feminist pornographer Tristan Taormino.
104 104 April 8, 2013 Curtis Stone Also, a discussion on the Holocaust with Steven Pressman and Liz Perle, the team behind HBO’s “50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr and Mrs Kraus.” Plus a look at today’s pop culture news with Famestream Media penelists Noah Levy, Trisha Goddard and Dena Blizzard.
105 105 April 9, 2013 Camille Paglia and Jane Fonda's Adopted Daughter, Mary Williams Plus, Rachel Sklar, Nancy Giles and Joe Levy discuss the latest pop culture news.
106 106 April 10, 2013 Ophira Eisenberg Plus, politics with Sam Seder and Boris Epshteyn. Also, Rob Shuter, Judy Gold and Sarah Bernard with the latest in pop culture news.
107 107 April 11, 2013 Lynn Whitfield and Gretchen Rubin Plus, politics with Bill Spadea and David Sirota.
108 108 April 16, 2013 Paul Anka Former FBI agent Jack Cloonan, Dr. Janet Taylor and Yahoo News’ Beth Fouhy discuss the aftermath of the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Plus, a Famestream Media panel with Rob Shuter, Judy Gold and Sarah Bernard.
109 109 April 17, 2013 Brad Garrett and Richard Belzer
110 110 April 18, 2013 Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen Also, Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, Tristan Taormino and Chuck Nice.
111 111 April 22, 2013 Tom Sizemore Plus, the latest on the Boston bombers with criminologist Dr. Casey Jordan, Boston Globe columnist Farah Stockman and former NYPD investigator Nicholas Casale.
112 112 April 23, 2013 Anna Quindlen and Seinfeld writer Peter Mehlman Plus, part two of Joy's interview with Brad Garrett.
113 113 April 24, 2013 Brian Stelter Plus, a Famestream Media panel with Noah Levy, Jessica Shaw and Jessica Kirson. And, sex advice from Chuck Nice, Tristan Taormino and Natalie Clarice.
114 114 April 25, 2013 Joe Pantoliano Plus, writer Joan Walsh and May May Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali.
115 115 April 29, 2013 Charles Graeber and Amy Ridgway Plus, sex advice with Ian Kerner and Emily Morse. And, politics with John Fugelsang and Boris Epshteyn.
116 116 April 30, 2013 Charlie Ebersol Plus, a pop culture roundup with Rob Shuter, Chuck Nice and Rich Vos.
117 117 May 1, 2013 Eve Ensler Plus, actress Sally Kellerman and Dr. Michael Breus, aka “The Sleep Doctor.”
118 118 May 2, 2013 Christina Crawford Plus, sex and relationship expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz. And part two of Joy's interview with Joe Pantoliano.
119 119 May 6, 2013 Sherri Shepherd Daisy Khan, executive director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, discusses the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings. Plus, Erica Payne and Armstrong Williams talk politics.
120 120 May 7, 2013 Marilu Henner Plus, the stars of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing New York.” And Famestream Media panelists Judy Gold, Sarah Bernard and Jacque Reid.
121 121 May 8, 2013 Jennifer Finney Boylan and Art Smith Plus, Famestream Media panelists Rob Shuter, Chuck Nice and Galina Espinoza.
122 122 May 9, 2013 David Alan Grier, Isabella Rossellini, and Niecy Nash
123 123 May 13, 2013 Elisabeth Rohm Plus, Dr. Richard Besser. And, the cast of Bravo’s “Newlyweds: The First Year.”
124 124 May 14, 2013 Augusten Burroughs and Jenna Ushkowitz Plus, a look at pop culture news with Jessica Kirson, Howard Bragman and Jenny Hutt.
125 125 May 15, 2013 Alison Sweeney and Tabatha Coffey Plus, politics with Boris Epshteyn and Robert Zimmerman.
126 126 May 16, 2013 Dee Snider, Suzette Snider and Colin Quinn
127 127 May 20, 2013 Judith Regan and Laura Antoniou Politics with Crystal Wright, Sam Seder and Nancy Giles. And, Laurel Leff and Emily Harrold on the New York Times’ shoddy Holocaust reporting.
128 128 May 21, 2013 James Van Praagh Plus, Jo Wood, ex-wife of Rolling Stones’ rocker Ronnie Wood. Plus Famestream Media panelists Joe Levy, Judy Gold and Jacque Reid.
129 129 May 22, 2013 Jo Frost Plus, chef Marcus Samuelsson. And, pop culture news with Rob Shuter, Chuck Nice and Galina Espinoza.
130 130 May 23, 2013 The cast of “Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie” Guest host Montel Williams. Plus, gold-medal bobsledder Steve Holcomb, Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, Armstrong Williams and Chris Hahn.
131 131 June 3, 2013 Politics with Robert Zimmerman and Ron Christie Plus, a Famestream Media panel with Rob Shuter, Chuck Nice and Galina Espinoza. And, screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher.
132 132 June 4, 2013 “Push Girls” stars Tiphany Adams and Mia Schaikewitz Plus, Dr. Steven Lamm and chef Roble Ali.
133 133 June 5, 2013 Former Governor Jesse Ventura Plus, “Real Housewife of New Jersey” Caroline Manzo and Dr. Elie Levine.
134 134 June 6, 2013 Joe Muto and “Golden Sisters” stars Mary Bartnicki, Teresa Dahlquist and Josie Cavaluzzi Plus, the latest on pop culture with Famestream Media panelists Rich Vos, Noah Levy and Sarah Bernard.
135 135 June 10, 2013 Dr. Ruth Westheimer Plus, a special "Holy Rollers" panel with Anthea Butler, Rabbi David Ingber, and Father Dave Dwyer.
136 136 June 11, 2013 Comedian Alec Mapa Plus, “Sopranos” star Steve Schirripa. And, pop culture news with Rachel Sklar, Jessica Kirson and Jacque Reid.
137 137 June 12, 2013
138 138 June 13, 2013
139 139 June 14, 2013
140 140 June 17, 2013 Dr. Gail Saltz, Marcia Clark, Howard Bragman, and Kjerstin Gruys Guest host Nancy Giles. Plus, a Famestream Media panel with Nikki Glaser, Sarah Bernard and Joe Levy.
141 141 June 18, 2013
142 142 June 19, 2013
143 143 June 20, 2013
144 144 June 24, 2013
145 145 June 25, 2013
146 146 July 8, 2013 Randy Cohen Plus, Famestream guests Sarah Bernard, Baruch Shemtov and Kevin Meaney. And, Robert Zimmerman and Ron Christie.
147 147 July 9, 2013 Lauren Sandler and 'Manhattan Madam' Kristin Davis Plus, Famestream guests Dr. Gail Saltz, Rachel Sklar and Nancy Giles.
148 148 July 10, 2013 Dr. Michael Breus Plus, Famestream guests Galina Espinoza, Chuck Nice, and Rob Shuter.
149 149 July 11, 2013 Susie Essman and Lizz Winstead Plus, Augusten Burrows.
150 150 July 15, 2013 Neil Sedaka Plus, political panel guests Rich Benjamin, Ron Christie and Chris Hahn discuss the George Zimmerman trial. And, Famestream guests Rob Shuter, Rachel Sklar and Chuck Nice.
151 151 July 17, 2013 Curtis Stone Guest host Chuck Nice. Plus, relationship panelists Amy Laurent, Joe Levy and Tristan Taormino.
152 152 July 18, 2013 Tony Danza Guest host Marilu Henner. Plus, Fashion Designer Michael Costello and Dr. Neal Barnard.
153 153 July 29, 2013 NYC Mayoral Candidate Christine Quinn and Howie Mandel
154 154 July 30, 2013 Julia Sweeney Guest co-host Susie Essman.
155 155 July 31, 2013 Frank Rich Plus, panelists Nancy Giles, Dr. Gail Saltz and Rachel Sklar. And, Anthea Butler, Rabbi David Ingber and Father James Martin.
156 156 August 1, 2013 Rob Shuter Interview with Shuter and final panel talk. planned Ending by Behar with a planned Al Jazeera logo appearing on screen and crew moving the table, chairs, and other items off set while Behar is saying goodbye.

Awards and nominations[edit]

GLAAD Awards


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