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The Jungle Book
All major characters from The Jungle Book
Created by Rudyard Kipling (Characters from Book)
Directed by Tapaas Chakravarti
Theme music composer Richard Kipling(episodes 40-52)
Opening theme "It's in the jungle book"
Ending theme "It's in the jungle book"
Composer(s) Guy Michelmore
Country of origin India
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 104
Executive producer(s) Marc du Pontavice
Producer(s) Marc du Pontavice
Editor(s) Steven Banks
Mark Zaslove
Running time 11 minutes
Production company(s) DQ Entertainment
MoonScoop Group
ZDF Enterprises
Original channel TF1 (2010–Present)
Disney Channel (2010–Present)
ABC3 (2010–2013)
EBS (2010–Present)
Gloob (2012–Present)
JeemTV (2011–2014)
Univision (2013–2014)
Picture format 52 x 11'
Audio format Dolby Digital (HDTV), Stereo (Broadcast TV)
Original run August 12, 2010 (2010-08-12) – 2014
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The Jungle Book is a 2010 3D CGI animated TV series.

This series is based on the original book by Rudyard Kipling.

In June 2012, the first season of the series aired in the U.S. on Disney XD and was removed in the same year.


Tapaas Chakravarti, Chairman & CEO of DQ Entertainment, says: "The second season of Jungle Book was a simple decision after the tremendous success of the first season and the inherent demand by the global broadcasting community. Jungle Book already has a tremendous fan following and has created the need to see more and more of Mowgli and his jungle friends by the kids. We are confident that the second season will also be a tremendous commercial success. It will be followed by a TV Movie special, a Christmas special, a Halloween special and many other spin-offs. The partnership with ZDF is symbiotic in the sense that we are producing several other projects with them." [1]

In 2012, DQ Entertainment announced a 3D feature film based on the animated series for release in 2014. The film is produced by Tapaas Chakravarti, and directed by Jun Falkenstein and Kevin Johnson.[2]



  • Mowgli (voiced by Emma Tate) - A young Man-cub raised by wolves in the jungle, He has a tiger claw which he keeps as a pendant after he took it from a battle from the man-eating tiger Shere Khan. The son of Akela.
  • Bagheera - A black panther. He is Mowgli's best friend. Unlike his counterpart in the Disney film, Bagheera is not very strict, like in the book.
  • Baloo (voiced by Jimmy Hibbert) - A sloth bear. In the series, he is bipedal, wears glasses and he is Mowgli's mentor. He likes to tell stories of the jungle.
  • Shere Khan (voiced by David Holt) - A man-eating Bengal Tiger, who plans to kill and eat Mowgli but often fails in his attempts. He has a scar on his left eye.
  • Kaa - An Indian Python. Like in the book, he is friends with Mowgli, Bagheera and Baloo.
  • Akela (voiced by Joseph J Terry) - An Indian Wolf. He is the most trusted leader of the Seeonee Wolf Pack. The father of Daruka, Raksha, Bala and Lali.
  • Daruka, Raksha, Lali, and Bala - They are Mowgli's wolf family that raised him as a child. In the Disney film, Daruka's name is Rama. Although Mowgli usually lives with Baloo and Bagheera, he visits them sometimes. Lali is voiced by Richard Epcar and Bala was voiced by Danny Katiana
  • Phaona - A wolf who is the younger brother of Akela. He dislikes Mowgli being in the wolf pack and tries every attempt to banish him on the pack.
  • Hathi - An Indian Elephant. In the series, he has two kids named Appu and Heetah and has a wife named Kachini. In the Disney film, Kachini's name is Winifred.
  • Tabaqui (voiced by Nigel Pilkington) - An Indian Jackal. He is as devious as Shere Khan and also he is the sidekick of the evil tiger, but lacks to the courage to disagree with him.
  • Darzi (voiced by Teresa Gallagher) - A tiny solid-red bird without a mate or nest. Brave for his size and friendly, but poor as a messenger (as in the book).
  • Kala - A black panther, like Bagheera, but spotted and helpful nor even friendly, highly territorial and particularly hostile to Baheera and Mowgli.
  • Rikki-Tikki-Tavi - An Indian Mongoose. Here he lives in the jungle with the other animals. Very cute-faced, ferret-sized and fearless (once even fought with Shere Khan in order to defend Mowgli).
  • Ikii - A Porcupine.
  • Oo and Boo - Two Turtles.
  • Jacala - A Crocodile.
  • Chil - A Kite.
  • Masha and the Banderlogs- A group of langur monkeys who like to cause trouble for Mowgli and his friends. They live in the Cold Lair temple ruins and they are led by mean monkey queen Masha.
  • Ponya - A Red Panda.
  • Langur - A Himalayan monkey.

Episode list[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Episode 21

# Title Written By Storyboard By Air Date
1 "Man Trap" Jimmy Hibbert Christian Choquet
Shere Khan takes an opportunity to massacre Mowgli after he lures Baloo in a man trap. Mowgli gets Kaa's help to pull Baloo out whilst Mowgli wards off Shere Khan with a flaming branch.
2 "Wild Black Bees" Jimmy Hibbert Christian Choquet
After straying away from Baloo's teaching, Mowgli encounters a giant nest of wild black bees. He uses this place to get back at Shere Khan for picking a fight with Baloo and Bagheera.
3 "Itchy Twitchy Kaa!" Di Redmond Christian Choquet
Kaa is itching as he sheds his skin and is in a bad mood. The Banderlogs imprison Mowgli and Shere Khan is prowling for him, but Kaa with Bagheera and Baloo come to the rescue.
4 "The Race" Jimmy Hibbert Christian Choquet
The Wolf Pack is having some doubts about Mowgli, so he challenges Phaona to a race. Mowgli is on the verge of losing the race, but Bagheera manages to keep Mowgli out of trouble.
5 "Monkey Queen" David Richard Fox Bernard Legall
Christian Choquet
A monkey called Masha steals Baloo's glasses proclaiming herself Queen of the Jungle and impressing the Banderlogs. Mowgli tries to get the glasses back, while Shere Khan follows him.
6 "Sleeping Python" David Richard Fox Christian Choquet
Mowgli strongly believes his lucky charm is the key to victory. He drops the charm and Kaa sleeps on top of it. Mowgli gets it back after a near encounter with Shere Khan, but takes back what he said to Bala earlier.
7 "Treasure of Cold Lair" David Richard Fox Christian Choquet
Mowgli meets a Himilayan monkey named Langur. In the absence of the black snake Thu, Mowgli's friends try to guard the Cold Lair from human presence, but Mowgli and Langur take care of them with a ghost act.
8 "Legend of the Giant Claw" Laura Beaumont
Paul Larson
Christian Choquet
Loud screeches ring in the jungle, which Baloo says maybe the "Giant Claw" beast, but its just Chil's intensified screeching. Mowgli and Bagheera carry out a plan to prevent Shere Khan from finding out about this.
9 "Fished Out" Chris Trengove Christian Choquet
Baloo and Mowgli go fishing. During a bad fish catch Baloo is away in the river and later Bagheera with him. With some help from the turtles Oo and Boo, Mowgli prevents them from plunging down a waterfall.
10 "Kite Flight" David Richard Fox Christian Choquet
Chil the Kite takes away Lali and Mowgli from the middle of a stream. He warns and takes Mowgli to a danger that poses by the stream and aids the wolves against a giant black cobra.
11 "Mowgli's Log" Rachel Murrel Patrick George
While swimming, Mowgli is captured by Jacala for his little crocs' meal. Baloo manages to stall them while Bagheera summons Hathi to help.
12 "Who is the Bravest?" David Richard Fox Christian Choquet
Mowgli fancies himself as the bravest in the jungle, but he carelessly falls down a well. Tabaqui helps him out for Shere Khan, but Hathi arrives to help Mowgli.
13 "The Waterfall" David Richard Fox Isa Python
Christian Choquet
Shere Khan nabs Baloo and Bagheera, but before he can get Mowgli, Mowgli is carried by a storm down the river closing in on a waterfall, but he manages to rescue himself and Tabaqui.
14 "Darzi's Waterfall Rescue" Di Redmond Christian Choquet
Lali and Mowgli avoid Shere Khan as he follows their trail. Darzi passes a message to summon Baloo and Raksha to rescue the two as they have a tricking fight with Shere Khan.
15 "Mowgli's Sparklie" Di Redmond Christian Choquet
Mowgli finds a gold crescent necklace which he and Lali both like. They then compete with the Banderlogs and Shere Khan for it. After recovering it, Mowgli tosses it down the waterfall.
16 "Blood Brothers" Chris Trengove Christian Choquet
Tabaqui keeps Lali and Bala occupied to lure Mowgli to them so that Shere Khan can ambush him. Daruka summons the wolf pack to drive Shere Khan away.
17 "Survival of the Fittest" Chris Trengove Christian Choquet
Baloo challenges Mowgli to a contest to prove he is fit. By the end of the contest Baloo gets trapped under logs. Mowgli brings Hathi to free Baloo, motivating him to take regular exercise.
18 "The Day the Earth Shook" Chris Trengove Christian Choquet
An earthquake shakes through the jungle, getting Lali and Bala trapped in their cave. Kaa locates a shaft to exit the cave, which Mowgli and Kaa venture down to retrieve the wolf cubs.
19 "The Jungle Tour" Annetta Zucchi Christian Choquet
Mowgli tries to live alone. He is met by Ponya, a red panda. Mowgli shows Ponya round the jungle trying to keep her out of trouble, but needs Baloo and Bagheera's help to save her from poisonous snakes.
20 "Snake Bite" Jimmy Hibbert Christian Choquet
The wolf pack gather, but Akela has been bitten by a cobra. With Ikii's help Mowgli obtains a poison cure also having to fend off Phaona's hindrance.
21 "The Bridge" Jimmy Hibbert Jeff Galataud
Appu becomes hotheaded and goes off by himself after Heetah wins a contest to see which of their trunks is longer than each other and gets stranded on a pillar in the Banderlog lair. With the reluctant help of the Banderlogs, Mowgli and his friends build a bridge to rescue Appu.
22 "Phaona's Nasty Trick" Di Redmond Christian Choquet
Frederk Dybowski
Phaona misleads Mowgli to the Elephant March where Shere Khan is told to find him. Mowgli is late for the wolf council meeting, but Akela realizes Phaona's deceit.
23 "The Wishing Tree" Annetta Zucchi Christian Choquet
Mowgli goes with Tabaqui to the Wishing Tree hoping to be a great hunter. Shere Khan comes for Mowgli, but after a long fight he manages to scare the tiger away.
24 "Is that you Kaa?" Jimmy Hibbert Christian Choquet
Jeff Galataud
While Mowgli gets Kaa's old skin to scare away Tabaqui. Hearing about Mowgli's trick, Shere Khan goes to get him, but the tiger runs into the real Kaa.
25 "The Rubber Ball" Frederk Valion Christian Choquet
Emmanuel Perez
Mowgli discovers a rubber ball formed inside a hollow coconut and regards it as his personally. Shere Khan takes the opportunity to get Mowgli, but Bala and Lali save him.
26 "The Cobra's Egg" Frederk Valion Christian Choquet
Emmanuel Perez
Tabaqui tricks Mowgli into taking a Cobra's egg. As the cobra corners Mowgli, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi comes to aid him.
27 "Thirst!" Chris Trengrove Christian Choquet
Jeff Galataud
Shere Khan secures the only source of water in the drying up jungle and will only exchange it for Mowgli. All seems hopeless until it starts raining.
28 "Save The Tiger" Mark Swift Joel H. Baugh
29 "King Kaa" Chris Otsuki Gene Grillo
30 "The Red Crocodile" Kori Rae Fred Gonzales
31 "Lucky Star" Tim Jones Kenneth Brannagh
 Appu tests his growth using starstones.
32 "Mongoose On The Loose" David Richard Fox Emmanuel Perez
Mowgli tries to help Rikki Tikki Tavi the mongoose regain his strength after a fight with a cobra
33 "River Leaf" Baptiste Filleul Christian Choquet
Bich Pham
Mowgli finds a mirror that has been dropped by a human, and Tabaqui becomes convinced there are more man-cubs lurking in the jungle than he originally thought
34 "Human After All" Baptiste Filleul Laurent Salou
Tabaqui attacks Mowgli and Rikki Tikki Tavi dives in to save him, but the animals begin to mock the boy for lacking bravery
35 "Monkey Business" Jimmy Hibbert Bich Pham
Mowglia challenges Phaona to a trial of bravery, but the appearance of Mani put his chances of winning in jeopardy
36 "Two For The Price Of One" James Mason Emmanuel Perez
Phaona complains to the pack that Mowgli is taking a risk by getting close to the man village, and suggests he should be returned there
37 "Cheel And The Mountain Fire" Di Redmond Christian Choquet
Isa Python
Ponya runs for her life when lightning causes a fire in the mountains, and Tabaqui lures her into Shere Kahn's territory
38 "The Buffalo" Frederic Valion Christian Choquet
Isa Python
Mowgli and Bagheera offer to help a female buffalo find the right berry to cure her sick calf, but Shere Khan plots to get the young animal and the man-cub at the same time
39 "The Elephant's Secret" Annetta Zucchi Christian Choquet
Shere Kahn enlists Tabaqui's help to find the secret Elephant's Valley, where the females go to give birth
40 "Mowgli's Number One Fan" Didier Lejuene Laurent Salou
Mowgli helps Moky escape from the evil Shere Khan but becomes trapped himself
41 "The Wrong Panther" Annetta Zucchi Bich Pham
The rogue black panther, Kala, is back in the jungle and looking for Mowgli
42 "Mowgli The Artist" Dodine Grimaldi Emmanuel Perez
Mowgli impresses the animals in the jungle when he learns to paint, but becomes trapped after helping a little monkey to escape
43 "Day Of The Shadow" David Richard Fox Christian Choquet
Bagheera goes missing, and a strange panther-like creature begins attacking animals in the human village
44 "Small Is Beautiful" Chris Trengove Christian Choquet
Isa Python
Darzee wants to be brave and strong like the other big birds, but they have little faith in her. Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera take her with them, and soon need her help
45 "The Tooth Of The Matter" Jimmy Hibbert Bich Pham
Mowgli alleviates Jakala the crocodile's toothache, before the man-cub is cornered near the river by the ruthless tiger Shere Khan
46 "A Real Wolf" Annetta Zucchi Emmanuel Perez
Mowgli undertakes the Mist Valley test to prove he is worthy of being a part of the wolf pack
47 "Trapped!" Jimmy Hibbert Emmanuel Perez
The Banderlogs are threatened by Shere Khan to steal Mowgli's necklace. Their kidnapped baby Manny however escapes and gets Hathi to deal with Shere Khan.
48 "Bagheera In The Man Village" Di Redmond Laurent Salou
Green mold is growing in the jungle. Bagheera and Mowgli venture into the man village to procure Cedar Oil, barely managing to get away with it.
49 "Missing Monkey" Laura Beaumont
Paul Larson
Christian Choquet
Mowgli and Bagheera try to find a missing monkey and reunite her with her baby
50 "Best In Class" James Mason Emmanuel Perez
Mowgli becomes jealous of Ponya, and Tabaqui makes use of his envy to lure him into a trap
51 "The Monster Of Cold Lair" Di Redmond Christian Choquet
Tabaqui comes across Mowgli's meat storage. He scares the Banderlogs, but fails to find a hiding place and Shere Khan takes his stolen gain.
52 "Baloo The King" Di Redmond Christian Choquet
Baloo suffers a bump on the head and becomes convinced he is king of the jungle

Season 2[edit]

# Title Written By Storyboard By Air Date
53 "Pavo The Peacock" Alastair Swinnerton Christian Choquet
54 "The Bear Facts" Jimmy Hibbert Christian Choquet
55 "Mowgli's Cub" Peter Hymes Bich Pham
56 "Mowgli's Ghost" David Richard Fox Emmanuel Perez
57 "Journey to the Nesting Grounds"
58 "Mowgli The Thief" Charles Hodges Christian Choquet
59 "Show Me the Honey"
60 "Come Fly with Me"
61 "Truth Or Dare" Peter Hymes Christian Choquet
62 "Banzai Bananas" Christopher Panzner Christian Choquet
63 "Who's Laughing Now"
64 "Home Wreckers"
65 "The Sun Dance"
66 "Kitty Kat Kahn"
67 "SOS Eggs"
68 "Mowgli and the Sambar Deer"
69 "Jackal in Wolf's Clothing"
70 "Trumpet Trouble"
71 "Panther in Distress"
72 "Blind as a Bear"
73 "The Python's Hiccups"
74 "The Jungle Champion"
75 "The Elephant Call"
76 "Birthday Fish"
77 "Team Work"
78 "Birds of a Feather"
79 "Temple of the Wolf: Part 1"
80 "Temple of the Wolf: Part 2"
81 "Stranded"
82 "Wake Up!"
83 "Child's Play"
84 "A Shot in the Dark"
85 "The Legend of Amber"
86 "Fly Away"
87 "A Nose for Trouble"
88 "The Voice of Power"
89 "Reaching for the Sky"
90 "The Invisible Man Cub"
91 "The Howling Moon"
92 "Shell Game"
93 "Star Fall"
94 "Thick Skin"
95 "Missing Appu"
96 "Panther Therapy"
97 "Tabaqui the Hunter"
98 "Most Beautiful Bird"
99 "Footprints"
100 "Super Bird"
101 "Junglewise"
102 "Grudge Match"
103 "The Broken Baton"
104 "Rangoo on The Run"

International broadcast[edit]

Country/region Channel
 Belgium Ketnet
 Netherlands NPO 3
 Germany ZDF
 Mexico Gala TV
 France TF1
 Indonesia Rajawali Televisi
 Malaysia TV3
 Singapore MediaCorp TV12 Okto
 Philippines GMA Network
 Hong Kong TVB Pearl
Disney Channel (Asia)
 United States Disney XD
 United Kingdom CBBC, POP
 Australia ABC3
 South Korea EBS
 Brazil Gloob
 India Nick India
Rishtey TV Channel
 Israel Arutz HaYeladim
 Argentina Pakapaka
Scotland Scotland BBC Alba
 Italy Rai 2
 Poland Teletoon+ (Poland)
 Canada Univision Canada
Qatar Qatar JeemTV
 Norway NRK Super
 Sweden SVT Barnkanalen


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