The Karaoke King

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The Karaoke King
Theatrical poster
Directed by Dan Mackler
JJ Ruscella
Produced by Bill Hill
JJ Ruscella
John J. Higgins
Dominick J. Salfi
Written by Donté Bonner
Jason Diller
Jaime Jessup
Starring Ken Weiler
Anil Kumar
Annie Miesels
Release dates March 11, 2007
Country United States
Language English

The Karaoke King is a 2007 comedy film directed by Dan Mackler and JJ Ruscella. The film is loosely based on William Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar.


It revolves around a fictional bar named Lil's in Central Florida, known as the birthplace of karaoke in the United States. For as long as anyone can remember, one man named Eddie Bowman has won the weekly Wednesday night karaoke competition. The film follows one fateful night where Eddie battles between his long-time girlfriend, Nikki, and his long-time nemesis, Rupert Goldfine to determine who is going to be the next reigning Karaoke King.


  • Ken Wilder as Eddie Bowman
  • Anil Kumar as Rupert D. Goldfine
  • Lisa K. Bryant as Nikki Derringer
  • David Knoell as Devon Smallwood
  • Darlin Barry as Lil Derringer
  • Annie Meisels as Jenny Mae Mayweather
  • Aaron Kirkpatrick as Billy Mayweather
  • Brian Vernon as Harold DuPont
  • John Archer Lundgren as The Colonel
  • Hank Stone as Cooter
  • John Wayne Schaffer as Monty
  • Keston John as KJ Diggs
  • Donté Bonner as KJ Spins
  • Ron Zarr as Miss Fuji
  • Sam Singhause as Carl Derringer/Young Miss Fuji
  • Linda Landry as Young Lil
  • Tad Ingram as Jared/Health Inspector
  • Jenny Ashman as Madeline
  • Giancarlo Damiani as Manny
  • Ayla Harrison as Patrick
  • J.J. Ruscella as Herman
  • Chris Niess as Nelson
  • Fieli Deurs as Taka
  • Amanda Clark as Melissa

Many of the film's cast and crew included faculty and students from University of Central Florida.

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