The Kid from Spain

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The Kid From Spain
Directed by Leo McCarey
Produced by Samuel Goldwyn
Written by William Anthony McGuire
Harry Ruby
Bert Kalmar
Starring Eddie Cantor
Distributed by United Artists
Release dates 17 November 1932
Running time 96 min.
Country United States
Language English
Box office $2,621,000[1][2]

The Kid from Spain (1932) is a comedy film directed by Leo McCarey starring Eddie Cantor involving bullfighting. Songs were composed by Harry Ruby and Bert Kalmar.

Noteworthy are the musical scenes, directed and choreographed by Busby Berkeley,[3] Cantor in blackface, and an appearance by the Goldwyn Girls which in this film included future stars Betty Grable, Paulette Goddard, Toby Wing and Jane Wyman.


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