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The King's University (formerly The King's College and Seminary or The King's) is a non-denominational Pentecostal/Charismatic Bible college and seminary in Van Nuys, in Los Angeles, California.


The King's was founded by Pastor Jack W. Hayford,[1] the current chancellor,[2] as "an outgrowth of the ministry" at The Church On the Way of Van Nuys, California.[3]

A new strategic vision was recently adopted by The King's Board and resulted in a move of corporate operations of the University to Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. The former main campus in Van Nuys, CA will shrink to a branch campus, along with the many other teaching sites King's has founded over the past decade. Unfortunately, this move came with the termination of many long-term staff, faculty, and administrative personnel. This will be a new season as the King's looks to expand its sphere of influence with sites on mega-churches across the USA and expanded academic programs.


The King's University currently offers an undergraduate certificate, an associate's degree, and a bachelor's degrees in biblical studies, Christian ministry, and theological studies, respectively.[4] The King's also offers two graduate certificates in biblical studies and Christian ministry, two master's degrees in Practical theology and divinity, and a Doctor of Ministry.


The King's is accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) and the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE),[3] both accreditation agencies being members of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation; and The King's University is the only Spirit-filled Pentecostal/Charismatic University and Seminary on the West coast to be accredited by the those organizations.[1]

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