The King of Elfland's Daughter (album)

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The King of Elfland's Daughter
Studio album by Bob Johnson and Peter Knight
Released 1977
Recorded 1977
Genre Electric folk
Length 35:34
Label Chrysalis
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars[1]

The King of Elfland's Daughter is a concept album by former Steeleye Span members Bob Johnson and Peter Knight. It was based on the 1924 fantasy novel of the same name by Lord Dunsany and recorded and released in 1977.[2] The cover illustration is by Jimmy Cauty.

Track listing[3][edit]

Side 1
  1. The Request (3.23)
  2. Lirazel (4.11)
  3. Witch (3.35)
  4. Alveric's Journey Through Elfland (4.57)
Side 2
  1. The Rune of the Elf King (3.59)
  2. The Coming of the Troll (1.53)
  3. Just Another Day of Searching (5.09)
  4. Too Much Magic (3.58)
  5. Beyond the Fields We Know (4.29)



  • Bob Johnson: Bass, acoustic and electric guitars
  • Peter Knight: Autoharp, synthesiser, electric piano, Glockenspiel, piano, violins, mandolins
  • Chris Spedding : Acoustic guitars
  • Herbie Flowers: Bass, Drums
  • Ray Cooper: Percussion
  • Nigel Pegrum: Drums, percussion
  • Kenny Clarc: Drums
  • Tony Newman: Drums
  • Mike Bait: Clarinet
  • The Maggins String Quartet: Strings quartet


Aside from the musicians on the album, also featured was a cast of actors and musicians who played the parts of the characters in the book:

  • The King of Elfland and the narrator: Christopher Lee
  • Lirazel: Mary Hopkin
  • Alveric: Frankie Miller
  • The Troll: Alexis Korner
  • The Witch: P.P. Arnold
  • A villager of Erl: Chris Farlowe
  • A Villager of Erl: Derek Brimstone
  • Children of Erl: Gayhurst Junior School Choir
  • The English Chorale : Choir
  • Barry St John
  • Liza Strike
  • Vicky Brown
  • Bob Johnson
  • Lavinia Rogers
  • Denise Garcia
  • Eleonor Keenan

The cast provided all the vocals for the album; neither Johnson nor Knight contributed any vocals.

Orchestrated and conducted by Peter Knight except for The Rune of the Elf King, which was orchestrated by Paul Lewis.


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