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For other uses, see King Bee.

The Kingbees, also known as The King Bees, was an American, short-lived New York-based rhythm and blues musical group of the 1960s.

The Kingbees were Danny Kortchmar (credited as Danny Kootch) (guitar), Joel O'Brien (drums), Dickie Frank (bass) and John McDuffy (vocals and organ). They released three singles on the RCA label.

After the group disbanded, Kortchmar and O'Brien met again in the Flying Machine, fronted by then-unknown James Taylor, and were later to reunite in Jo Mama. In 2003, after O'Brien's death, they had a memorial where Kortchmar and Frank played. The Kingbees were formed around 1964.


  • 1965: "That Ain't Love" / "What She Does To Me"
  • 1966: "Rhythm And Blues" / "On Your Way Down To Drain"
  • 1966: "Lost In The Shuffle" / "Hardly Part 3"