The Kwicky Koala Show

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The Kwicky Koala Show
Genre Cartoon series
Created by Tex Avery
Written by Bob Ogle
Directed by George Gordon
Carl Urbano
Rudy Zamora
Voices of Bob Ogle
John Stephenson
Michael Bell
Peter Cullen
Marshall Efron
Matthew Faison
Jim MacGeorge
Allan Melvin
Don Messick
Frank Welker
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 16
Executive producer(s) William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Producer(s) Art Scott
Editor(s) Gil Iverson
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Hanna-Barbera Australia
(Warner Bros. Television)
Original channel CBS
Original run September 12 – December 26, 1981 (1981-12-26)

The Kwicky Koala Show is a Saturday morning cartoon produced by Hanna-Barbera Australia in 1981 for CBS. The TV program is notable for being among cartoon director Tex Avery's final works. Avery died during production in 1980 and the show was broadcast for one season on CBS.

As it was produced in Australia, the Cartoon Network and later Boomerang broadcast was sourced from PAL masters, rather than NTSC masters like many other Hanna-Barbera productions. Each segment has been shown separately in-between shows on the Boomerang Network.

Kwicky Koala[edit]

Kwicky Koala (voiced by writer Bob Ogle) is similar to Avery's popular Droopy, except that Kwicky can escape his pursuer Wilford Wolf (voiced by John Stephenson impersonating Paul Lynde). The difference is that Kwicky moves at super-speed, which looks more like vanishing into thin air with an accompanying "beep" sound effect, much like Speedy Gonzales.


  1. "Sink or Swim" -
  2. "Robinson Caruso" -
  3. "In a Pig's Eye" -
  4. "Robin Hoodwink" -
  5. "Kwicky Goes West" -
  6. "Collectors Item" -
  7. "The Incredible Lunk" -
  8. "Race to Riches" -
  9. "Kangaroo Kapers" -
  10. "Double Trouble" -
  11. "Around the World in 80 Seconds" -
  12. "Kwicky's Karnival Kaper" -
  13. "Scream Test" -
  14. "Disguise the Limit" -
  15. "Museum Mayhem" -
  16. "Cabin Crazy" -
  17. "Hunger Pangs and Pzings" -

The Bungle Brothers[edit]

A pair of dogs named George (voiced by Michael Bell) and Joey (voiced by Allan Melvin) seek vaudeville stardom. This segment is mostly short wraparounds.


  1. Hat Dance - Dry Run - Cheap Trick
  2. High Rollers - Teeter Totter Act - The Circus Cannon Act
  3. Trapeze Act - Saw in Two - Unicycle
  4. Big Pie Jump - Honk If You Love Joey - Sound Off
  5. Joey Juggling George - The Toe Dancing Beagle or Whats Nureyev - The Barrel Jump
  6. Karate Chop Act - Tarzan Swing Act - The Ventriloquist
  7. Rope Twirling Act - High Wire Harness - The Marionette Act
  8. Cream Pie - Ballonitics - Escape Artist
  9. Rock Band - Circus Car - Dueling Trombones
  10. Quiz Whiz Kid - Stilts - The Romeo and Juliet Act
  11. Animal Trainers - Double Jump - Pie Faced
  12. The Plumbers Helper - Bungle Ballet - Hang 20
  13. The Big Bang - Flipped Out - Bucking Bull
  14. Hamlet Lays an Egg - The Magic Ring Act - The Fly
  15. Weight Weight Lifter - Droop the Loop - Heavy Ending
  16. Ice Follies - Punchy Pirates - Spring Is in the Air - Concert Pianist

Crazy Claws[edit]

A wildcat named Crazy Claws (voiced by Jim MacGeorge impersonating Groucho Marx) uses his sharp wits and equally sharp claws to evade the fur trapper Rawhide Clyde (voiced by Don Messick) and his dog Bristletooth (voiced by Peter Cullen) in a U.S. National Park run by Ranger Rangerfield (voiced by Michael Bell).


  1. Crazy it's Cold Outside -
  2. The Claws Conspiracy -
  3. Crazy Challenges -
  4. Clyde's Birthday Surprise -
  5. The Ice Rage -
  6. Claws Encounters of the Worst Kind -
  7. Lookout Crazy -
  8. Crazy Camping -
  9. Gold Crazy -
  10. See Saw Claws -
  11. Choo Choo Crazy -
  12. Bearly Asleep -
  13. Old Blowhard -
  14. Snow Biz -
  15. Claws Ahoy -
  16. Rattletrap Rawhide -

Dirty Dawg[edit]

A vagrant dog named Dirty Dawg (voiced by Frank Welker impersonating Howard Cosell) seeks to improve life for himself and his friend Ratso the Rat (voiced by Marshall Efron) while staying ahead of a police officer named Officer Bullhorn (voiced by Matthew Faison).


  1. Pigskin Pooch -
  2. Dirty's Debut -
  3. Dirty Dawg's Faux Paw -
  4. Calling Dr. Dirty -
  5. Lo-Cal Pals -
  6. A Close Encounter of the Canine Kind -
  7. Pie-Eyed Pooch -
  8. Dirty Money -
  9. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Zoo -
  10. Urban Cowdawg -
  11. Dirty-O and Juliet -
  12. Sea Dawg Dirty -
  13. Little White Lie -
  14. The Great Dirtini -
  15. Disco Dawg -
  16. Marathon Mutt -


Additional voices[edit]

Production Credits[edit]


  • Executive Producers: Joseph Barbera and William Hanna
  • Producer: Art Scott
  • Supervising Director: Ray Patterson
  • Directors: George Gordon, Bob Hathcock, Carl Urbano, Rudy Zamora
  • Assistant Directors: Bob Goe, Terry Harrison, Bill Hutten
  • Based on MGM Characters Created by Tex Avery
  • Story Editors: Tex Avery, Larz Bourne, Chuck Coach
  • Story Direction: David Barnes, Don Christensen, Tom Dagenais, Don Dougherty, Carl Fallberg, Ed Gombert, Jan Green, Don Jurwich, Earl Kress, Lew Marshall, Floyd Norman, Bob Ogle, Lane Raichert, Mike Rowland, George Singer, Lee Snodgress, Howard Swift, Ernest Terrazas, Tom Yakutis, Darlene Zambruski
  • Recording Director: Gordon Hunt
  • Animation Casting Director: Ginny McSwain
  • Voices: Marlene Aragon, Joe Baker, Jered Barclay, Michael Bell, Hamilton Camp, Henry Corden, Peter Cullen, Jack DeLeon, Marshall Efron, Matthew Faison, Joanie Gerber, Danny Goldman, Bob Holt, Jim MacGeorge, Allan Melvin, Don Messick, Robert Allan Ogle, Annie Potts, Paul Ross, Bob Sarlatte, Marilyn Schreffler, Hal Smith, John Stephenson, Lennie Weinrib, Frank Welker
  • Graphics: Iraj Paran and Tom Wogatzke
  • Title Design: Bill Perez
  • Musical Director: Hoyt Curtin
  • Musical Supervisor: Paul DeKorte
  • Creative Producer: Iwao Takamoto
  • Design Supervisor: Bob Singer
  • Character Design: Kurt Anderson, Davis Doi, Jean Gilmore, Alice Hamm, Willie Ito, Michael Takamoto, Sandra Young
  • Layout Supervisor: Don Morgan
  • Key Layout: Gary Hoffman, Floyd Norman, Scott Shaw
  • Layout: Kurt Anderson, Cosmo Anzilotti, Dale Barnhart, Tom Coppola, Owen Fitzgerald, Drew Gentle, Charles Grosvenor, David Hilberman, Mike Hodgson, Ray Jacobs, M. Mike Kawaguchi, Ken Landau, Jack Manning, Greg Martin, Terry Morgan, Mike O'Hara, Lee Orr, Phil Oritz, Linda Rowley, Bob Smith, Cliff Voorhees
  • Animation Supervisor: Jay Sarbry
  • Animation: Bob Hatcock, Bill Hutten, Tony Love, Ron Myrick, Jefferey Hall, James T. Walker, Bob Alvarez, Frank Andrina, Ed Barge, Tom Barnes, Bob Bemiller, Becky Bristow, Kent Butterworth, Lefty Callahan, Joan Case, Rudy Cataldi, John Conning, Jesse Cosio, Doug Crane, Zion Davush, Ed DeMattia, Joan Drake, Gail Finkeldei, Hugh Fraser, John Freeman, Valerie Gifford, Lenny Graves, Alan Green, Terry Harrison, Fred Hellmich, Aundre Knuston, Walter Kubriak, Rick Leon, Hicks Lokey, Ernesto Lopez, Ed Love, Mircia Manta, Lori McLaghlin, Ken Muse, Costi Mustatea, Fred Myers, Bob Nessler, Margaret Nichols, Eduardo Olivares, Karen Peterson, Spencer Peel, Barney Posner, Bill Pratt, Nelson Rhodes, Joanna Romersa, Don Ruch, Michael Sanger, Lana Sauceda, George Scribner, Kunio Shimamura, Ken Southworth, Richard Trueblood, Bob Tyler, Bonnie Versh, John Walker
  • Assistant Animation Superviaor: John Boersema
  • Background Supervisor: Al Gmuer
  • Backgrounds: Lorraine Andrina, Fernando Arce, Gil DiCicco, Dennis Durrell, Flamarion Ferriera, Martin Forte, Bob Gentle, Eric Heschong, James Hegedus, Jim Hickey, Paro Hozumi, Michael Humphries, Victoria Jensen, Phil Lewis, (The Philipson Brothers Andy and Phil), Bill Procter, Jeff Richards, Jeff Riche, Ron Roesch, Dennis Veinzelos
  • Checking and Scene Planning: Jackie Banks
  • Xerography: Star Wirth
  • Ink and Paint Supervisor: Alison Victory
  • Technical Supervisor: Jerry Mills
  • Sound Direction: Richard Olson and Joe Citarella
  • Camera: Roy Wade, Ray Lee, Steve Altman, Candy Edwards, Tom Epperson, Chuck Flekal, Curt Hall, Ralph Migliori, Joe Ponticelle, Cliff Shirpser, Paul Wainess, (The Whittington Brothers Jerry and Brandy)
  • Supervising Film Editor: Larry C. Cowan
  • Dubbing Supervisor: Pat Foley
  • Music Editors: Cecil Broughton, Daniels McLean, Terry Moore, Robert Talboy
  • Effects Editors: Michael Bradley, Mary Gleason, Catherine McKenzie, Joe Reitano, Kevin Spears, David Stone
  • Show Editor: Gil Iverson
  • Negative Consultant: William E. DeBoer
  • Post-Production Supervisor: Joed Eaton
  • Executive in Charge of Production: Jayne Barbera and Margaret Loesch
  • A Hanna Barbera Production
  • C 1981 Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.

Home Media releases[edit]

  • A VHS release of the series was released by Worldvision Home Video.
  • A DVD release of some of the episodes has been released by Warner Bros. in Saturday Morning Cartoons: The 1980s Collection, Volume 1 on May 4, 2010. The episodes/shorts on this DVD are Dry Run, Robinson Caruso, High Roller, The Claws Conspiracy, Hat Dance and Dirty's Debut. There has yet to be a complete series DVD release.

Other Appearances[edit]

  • In the Cartoon Network bumper "Sick Days", majority of cartoon characters call in sick to work resulting in a problem with the network, the result was airing a 24 hour Kwicky Koala Marathon much to the viewers dismay.
  • Kwicky Koala makes some cameo appearances in Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. He appears as a tatoo in the episode "Deadomutt Part 2". He also appears in "SPF" where he along with Dirty Dawg appear as victims of Cybersquatting. He is presumed dead in the episode "The Death of Harvey" because his body is seen laying in a road crater. Officer Bullhorn appears as a jury candidate in "Juror in Court"

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