The Land of Elyon

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The Land of Elyon is a series of children's fantasy novels by Patrick Carman.

The series consists of:

Book 1: The Dark Hills Divide

Book 2: Beyond the Valley of Thorns

Book 3: The Tenth City

Prequel: Into the Mist

Book 4: Stargazer

Series overview[edit]

This story covers the voyages of Alexa Daley, a 12-year-old girl in search of the truth in the Land of Elyon. In book 1, Alexa tries to figure out what lies outside the walls of her kingdom. She discovers a plot to invade Bridewell and meets several new friends, including a small man named Yipes. She also learns about jocastas, which are very small pictures on the insides of gemstones. In book 2, Alexa and Yipes have to undertake a journey through the Valley of the thorns to a far-far-away place, meeting a man named Christopher and a giant named Armon along the way. While there they assist some of the townspeople in a rebellion against the evil ruler Victor Grindall. In book 3, Alexa must try to save the entire Land of Elyon from the forces of Grindall who is being controlled by Abaddon.

Book 4, Into the Mist, is a prequel that tells of the early lives of Thomas and Roland Warvold and their introduction to Sir Alistair Wakefield and the Wakefield House. The Five Stone Pillars are introduced at the end of the book.

Book 5 takes place on the Five Stone Pillars, where the lost children of Castalia live. Abbadon is still alive and in the form of a metallic electric sea monster who is trying to destroy the fourth pillar. Most of the book takes place over a few days that Alexa and Yipes spend on the pillars plotting an escape.

Throughout the series, various characters can speak with or understand animals.

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