The Last Mile (play)

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For the 1993 TV play, see The Last Mile (TV play).
The Last Mile
Written by John Wexley
Date premiered February 13, 1930
Place premiered Sam H. Harris Theatre
New York City, New York
Original language English
Genre Drama
Setting Keystone State Penitentiary death-house in Keystone, Oklahoma in late May and June

The Last Mile was a Broadway play by John Wexley that ran for 289 performances from February 13, 1930 to October 1930 at the Sam H. Harris Theatre. It was produced by Herman Shumlin and staged by Chester Erskine. It is set in the death row wing of a prison. The lead role of John "Killer" Mears was first played by Spencer Tracy, and it was the role that bought him to the attention of Hollywood. It was later played for a time by Clark Gable. The play was adapted into a 1932 film starring Preston Foster and into a 1959 film starring Mickey Rooney.


Ernest Whitman as Vincent Jackson, 1930
  • Spencer Tracy as John Mears
  • Henry O'Neill as Father O'Connors
  • James Bell as Richard Walters
  • Don Costello as Drake
  • Ernest Whitman as Vincent Jackson
  • Orville Harris as Peddie
  • Herbert Heywood as O'Flaherty
  • George Leach as Eddie Werner
  • Bruce MacFarlane as Frost
  • Hale Norcross as Red Kirby
  • Richard Abbott as Harris
  • Clarence Chase as Evangelist
  • Howard Phillips as Fred Mayor
  • Joseph Spurin-Calleia as Tom D'Amoro
  • Ralph Theodore as principal keeper Callahan
  • Albert West as Brooks