The Last Unicorn (album)

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The Last Unicorn
Soundtrack album by America
Released 1982
Recorded 1982
Genre Soundtrack
Length 38:19
Label Virgin Records
America chronology
View from the Ground
The Last Unicorn
Your Move

The Last Unicorn is a soundtrack album composed and arranged by Jimmy Webb, released in Germany in 1982 by Virgin Records. The songs were performed by America.[1] The popular 1982 animated film was based on the acclaimed children's book The Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle.[2]


The Last Unicorn soundtrack was recorded at De Lane Lea Studios in Wimbley, England in 1982. The album was release in Germany in 1982 by Virgin Records.


The title track plays while the scenes from the Unicorn Tapestries form a backdrop for the opening credits, and has been covered by Kenny Loggins on his Return to Pooh Corner album. The film's soundtrack that included the musical score as well as the songs was released in Germany by Virgin Records in 1982, but it has not been released in the United States. Mia Farrow's vocals, which appeared in the film, were overdubbed for the soundtrack album by Katie Irving.

Critical reception[edit]

In his review for Allmusic, James Christopher Monger wrote:

The score itself, an appropriately somber and sentimental blend of fairy tale motifs and dark, Wagnerian cues, reflects the story's achingly beautiful tale of a unicorn who attempts to overthrow a maniacal king determined to rid the world of the magical creatures, while the songs are far more creative, daring, and eloquent than all of the cookie-cutter balladry that would eventually replace their type in future animated films. Like Watership Down, The Hobbit, and even Robert Altman's live action, Harry Nilsson-scored Popeye, this hard to find soundtrack is a gem from another age.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Jimmy Webb.

  1. "The Last Unicorn" – 3:07
  2. "Man's Road" – 3:23
  3. "In the Sea" – 3:15
  4. "Now That I'm a Woman" – 2:36
  5. "That's All I've Got to Say" – 2:42
  6. "The Last Unicorn Part 2" – 3:07
  7. "Forest Awakens: The Unicorn Forest/ The Hunters" – 2:09
  8. "Red Soup" – 0:30
  9. "Red Bull Attacks" – 3:36
  10. "The Cat" – 1:39
  11. "The Tree" – 1:19
  12. "Haggard's Unicorns" – 2:10
  13. "Bull-Unicorn-Woman" – 2:46
  14. "Unicorns in the Sea" – 1:50
  15. "Unicorn and Lir" – 3:28[1]


  • Jimmy Webb – producer, arranger, composer
  • The London Symphony Orchestra – orchestra
  • Gerry Beckley – lead vocals (1, 3, 6, 15), piano, backing vocals
  • Dewey Bunnell – lead vocals (2), guitar, backing vocals
  • Michael Woods – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Brad Palmer – bass, backing vocals
  • Willie Leacox – drums, percussion
  • Katie Irving – vocals (4, 5)
  • Jeff Bridges – vocals (5)[1]


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