The Legend of Qin

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This article is about a 2014 Chinese animated film directed by Robin Shen. For the CG Chinese animated TV series, aka "Qin's Moon" ,directed by Robin Shen, see Qin's Moon.
The Legend of Qin
The Legend of Qin poster.jpg
Directed by Robin Shen
Release dates
  • 8 August 2014 (2014-08-08)
Running time
90 minutes
Country China
Language Mandarin
Box office US$9,750,496[1]

The Legend of Qin (Chinese: 秦时明月3D电影龙腾万里) is a 2014 Chinese animated fantasy adventure wuxia film written and directed by Robin Shen.[2]

Voice Cast[edit]

Voice Actor Character
冯骏骅/Feng Junhua 荆天明/Jing Tianming
沈达威/Shen Dawei 项少羽/Xiang Shaoyu
季冠霖/Ji Guanlin 小黎/Xiao Li
周佶/Zhou Ji 貔貅/Pixiu
刘钦/Liu Qin 盖聂/Ge Nie
张嘉译/Zhang Jiayi 卫庄/Wei Zhuang
吴磊/Wu Lei 魔化卫庄/Possessed Wei Zhuang
/ 白凤凰/White Phoenix
/ 赤练/Crimson Lotus
黄莺Huang Ying 大司命/Priestess of Death
/ 少司命/Priestess of Birth
王肖兵/Wang Xiaobing 公输仇/Gongshu Chou
程玉珠/Cheng Yuzhu 吕老伯/Uncle Lv
孟祥龙/Meng Xianglong 水果将军/General Fruit
游军/You Jun 秦国副将/Qin Vice General
狄菲菲/Di Feifei 大祭司/Loulan High Priestess
赵乾景/Zhao Qianjing 楼兰武士/Loulan soldier
钟有道/Zhong Youdao 旁白/Narrator


The film has earned ¥59.87 million in China.[3]


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