The Life of the Cosmos

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The Life of the Cosmos
The Life of the Cosmos.jpg
The Life of the Cosmos by Lee Smolin
Author Lee Smolin
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication date
March 1st 1999 by Oxford University Press (first published Jan 1, 1997)
Media type Book
Pages 370
ISBN 0195126645

The Life of the Cosmos is a 1997 book by theoretical physicist Lee Smolin. In the book, Smolin details his Fecund universes which applies the principle of natural selection to the birth of universes. Smolin posits that the collapse of black holes could lead to the creation of a new universe. This daughter universe would have fundamental constants and parameters similar to that of the parent universe though with some changes, providing for both inheritance and mutations as required by natural selection. However, while there is no direct analogue to Darwinian selective pressures, it is theorised that a universe with "unsuccessful" parameters will reach heat death before being able to reproduce, meaning that certain universal parameters become more likely than others.

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