The Light and Darkness War

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The Light and Darkness War
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Publication information
Publisher Epic Comics (Marvel Comics)
Format Limited series
Publication date October 1988 – September 1989
Number of issues 6
Creative team
Writer(s) Tom Veitch
Artist(s) Cam Kennedy
Letterer(s) Gaspar Saladino
Colorist(s) Cam Kennedy
Creator(s) Tom Veitch
Cam Kennedy
Editor(s) Archie Goodwin

The Light and Darkness War is a six-issue comic book limited series written by Tom Veitch and drawn by Cam Kennedy published by Epic Comics, an imprint of Marvel Comics.

It chronicles the adventures of a disabled Vietnam veteran who is transported to an afterlife dimension in a never-ending war.

Plot synposis[edit]

Lazarus Jones is a Vietnam veteran who lost his legs in an helicopter explosion, which also killed all his friends. Years later he still thinks he must have died with them and lives in despair.

He suffers a car accident which puts him in a coma and is apparently transported to another dimension where his friends are alive and have taken sides in a never-ending war under the tutelage of Cthulhu.