The Little Street

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The Little Street
Jan Vermeer van Delft 025.jpg
Artist Johannes Vermeer
Year 1657–1658
Type Oil on canvas
Dimensions 54.3 cm × 44 cm (21.4 in × 17 in)
Location Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

The Little Street (Het Straatje) is a painting by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, executed c. 1657–1658. It is housed in the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam, and signed on the left below the window with the writing "I V MEER".[1][2] The exact location of the scene Vermeer painted is not known. However, a study argued that the Voldersgracht or the Nieuwe Langendijk[3] was the location painted. The Vermeer Centre Delft is now located there. (52°00′44″N 4°21′34″E / 52.012222°N 4.359444°E / 52.012222; 4.359444 (Het Straatje)).[4]


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