The London Boys

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For the Eurodisco band, see London Boys.
"The London Boys"
7" single B-side to "Rubber Band" by David Bowie
Released December 2, 1966
Recorded 1966
Genre Psychedelic pop
Length 3:20
Label Deram
Writer David Bowie
Producer Mike Vernon

"The London Boys" is a song written by David Bowie. It was first released as the B-side of the single "Rubber Band" in the UK, and as a single of its own in France in December 1966.

The song was rerecorded in 2000 for the unreleased album Toy that leaked in 2011. Two excerpts appeared on BowieNet in 2002, one in July that was 1'26" long and the other in August that was 1'30" long; however, both clips did not cover the entire song. It was performed for a special BowieNetter gig in 2000.

Production credits[edit]

Release history[edit]

Region Date Title Label Format Catalogue
UK 2 December 1966 "Rubber Band" / "The London Boys" Deram 7" single DM 107
France December 1966 "The London Boys" / "There Is a Happy Land" Deram 7" single 86086

Other releases[edit]

  • "London Boys" was re-released by Decca in France in May 1975 and at the same time in the UK with "Love You Till Tuesday" as the B-side. The B-side on the 1975 French release was mistitled "Love You Till Tuesday" on early pressings. It took Decca two years to follow up the reissue of "The Laughing Gnome" in the UK, which meant that the 1975 reissue mostly went by unnoticed.