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The London Souls are an American, New York City based, rock band formed in 2008.

Formation and The London Souls[edit]

The London Souls met for the first time on stage after having only been able to rehearse via cell phones. Despite this, they describe their first performance, saying "It was just comfortable. It was always comfortable right off the bat. From the first note it was one of those indescribable ...soulful things that you can't plan out." They shared a common bond in a deep appreciation for Led Zeppelin, Cream, the Beatles, and other similar artists. Their sound comes from a desire to play improvised music while keeping it accessible to most audiences.[1]

Their song "She's So Mad" has received airplay on FOX TV's show Fearless Music.[2] Also, their song I Think I Like It was used in a commercial advertising NBA star Derrick Rose's line of shoes by Adidas.

Their debut self-titled album was released on July 12, 2011.[3]

On November 16, 2012, The London Souls announced that they are releasing their new album Here Come The Girls on January 8, 2013.[4]

Current members[edit]

  • Tash Neal - Guitar/Vocals
  • Chris St. Hilaire - Drums/Vocals
  • Stu Mahan - Bass


  • The London Souls - 2011


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