The Lonely Astronauts

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The Lonely Astronauts
Origin Brooklyn, New York
Genres Indie rock
Years active 2006-present
Labels Lonely Astronaut Records
Associated acts Joseph Arthur, Furslide, Golden Smog, The Gutter Twins, Holding the Void, Inner, The Jayhawks, Run Westy Run, The Twilight Singers
Official MySpace page
Members Joseph Arthur
Kraig Jarret Johnson
Jennifer Turner
Sibyl Buck
Greg "G. Wiz" Wieczorek

The Lonely Astronauts is the band originally started as Joseph Arthur's one-man band. Joseph have recorded and released two studio albums together thus far, titled Let's Just Be (released in April 2007), and Temporary People (released in September 2008). The Lonely Astronauts are:

  • Joseph Arthur – vocals, guitar, harmonica
  • Kraig Jarret Johnson – guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Jennifer "Jen" Turner – guitar, vocals
  • Sibyl Buck – bass, vocals
  • Greg Wieczorek – drums, vocals
  • Rene Lopez - percussion, vocals (seldom)
  • Angelbert Metoyer - on-stage painting (seldom)

Kraig Jarret Johnson is a member of the band Golden Smog and was the guitarist for The Jayhawks and Run Westy Run. Jen Turner has played guitar for Natalie Merchant as well as in her own bands Furslide and Inner. Sibyl Buck is a French-born musician and former fashion model; also notorious for performing gymnastics. Greg Wieczorek (aka G.Wiz) has played drums for a number of artists, including Norah Jones, The Twilight Singers and The Autumn Defense, as well as his own side project Telescope. Rene Lopez is a solo musician and frequent Joseph Arthur collaborator (including playing drums on Joseph's Vagabond Skies EP and their side-project Holding the Void in 2003), but has not consistently appeared with the Astronauts on-stage. Angelbert Metoyer is a Houston, Texas-based artist who would paint on-stage (he also has not been with the band on all tour dates).


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