The Long Goodbye (band)

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The Long Goodbye
Origin Los Angeles, California, USA
Genres Indie
Labels None
Website The Long Goodbye
Members Michael Cera
Clark Duke
Christian Buenaventura

The Long Goodbye is a Los Angeles-based indie band whose members include actors Michael Cera (of Arrested Development, Superbad and Juno), his Clark and Michael co-star Clark Duke, and drummer Christian Buenaventura. A feature in the September 2007 issue of Spin describes the band’s songs as “silly, confessional, and off-the-cuff rag-tag ditties,” based on “simple structures” and “adolescent-in-love lyrics.”[1]

The band’s original material is available on its MySpace page,[2] including songs “Can I Call You Mine,” “Leading Man,” and “Pilgrim.” The band credits Weezer as a musical influence (a cover of Weezer’s “El Scorcho” is available on YouTube[3]); Cera calls Weezer’s Pinkerton his “favorite album of all time."[1]

The band remains unsigned as of August 26, 2007 and LimeWire Music Blog suggests, “Based on the lo-fi quality of the band’s recordings, it is clear that the boys view their side-project as a goalless hobby, or just an excuse to carry around guitars.”[4] This perception is reinforced by a November 13, 2006 posting on the band’s MySpace blog which reads, “We will not post lyrics. Most of them aren't that great anyhow... you're not missing anything.” [5] On March 12, 2007 a posting by Clark Duke on the band’s MySpace blog indicated that “a side band is forthcoming.”[5]

In addition to Weezer, the band's MySpace page credits the following musical influences: Destroyer, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, Beulah, Big Star, Of Montreal, Sufjan Stevens, The Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie, Ben Kweller, Sparklehorse, The Unicorns, The Rentals, and Built to Spill.


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