The Loves of Casanova

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The Loves of Casanova
Yangirov 9.jpg
Rina De Liguoro with Ivan Mozzhukhin
Directed by Alexandre Volkoff
Produced by Noë Bloch
Gregor Rabinovitch
Written by Norbert Falk
Alexandre Volkoff
Ivan Mozzhukhin
Starring Ivan Mozzhukhin
Suzanne Bianchetti
Diana Karenne
Jenny Jugo
Rina De Liguoro
Cinematography Fédote Bourgasoff
Léonce-Henri Burel
Nikolai Toporkoff
Deulig Europa-Produktion
Société des Cinéromans
Distributed by Pathé
Release dates
  • December 23, 1927 (1927-12-23)
Running time 132 minutes
Country France
Language Silent
French intertitles

The Loves of Casanova or Casanova is a 1927 French historical drama film directed by Alexandre Volkoff and starring Ivan Mozzhukhin, Suzanne Bianchetti and Diana Karenne.[1] The film portrays the life and adventures of Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798). Many of those involved with the film were Russian emigres who had come to France following the Russian Revolution.



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