The Lyon's Den

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The Lyon's Den
The Lyon's Den title card.jpg
Series title card
Genre Legal drama
Created by Remi Aubuchon
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13 (7 unaired)
Original channel NBC
Original run September 28 – November 30, 2003 (2003-11-30)

The Lyon's Den is a 2003 television series set in Washington, D.C. The legal drama starred Rob Lowe as a lawyer called Jack Turner, newly appointed as partner of a long-established law firm that, as the plot revealed, harbored some dark secrets; the series' title and firm's name are allusions to the surname of Lowe, who also served as executive producer. Much of the plot centered on the firm's internal politics and on Turner's attempts to uncover information on some of the firm's conspiracies while acting as the defense for some of the firm's higher-profile clients in a different case each episode.

The cast, headed by Lowe, also included Matt Craven, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kyle Chandler, Frances Fisher, and David Krumholtz.

The series premiered on the American television network NBC on September 28, 2003, but although thirteen episodes were ordered and produced, only six aired before NBC cancelled the show due to poor ratings. When the UK's channel five bought the UK terrestrial TV rights to the series in 2004, it aired all thirteen episodes.


Character descriptions courtesy of Entertainment Weekly[1] and The Blade[2]

  • John "Jack" Turner (Rob Lowe), "the most principled lawyer" working for the corrupt firm Lyons, Lacrosse, and Levine
  • George Riley (Matt Craven), Jack's longtime friend
  • Grant Rashton (Kyle Chandler), one of "amoral lawyers"
  • Brit Hanley (Frances Fisher), Rashton's "evil secretary"
  • Ariel Saxon (Elizabeth Mitchell), a lawyer recovering from alcoholism, hired by her lover Rashton to "discredit Jack"
  • Jeff Fineman (David Krumholtz), Ariel Saxon's paralegal, who is attracted to her
  • Terrance Christianson (James Pickens Jr.), one of "amoral lawyers"
  • Harlan M. Turner (Rip Torn), the Washington, D.C. senator and Jack's father


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