The Machinations of Dementia

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The Machinations of Dementia
Studio album by Blotted Science
Released September 18, 2007
Recorded 2006-2007, Live Oak Studios, Hell Whole Studios, Doc Z Studios
Genre Progressive metal, technical death metal, instrumental rock
Length 57:12
Label EclecticElectric
Producer Ron Jarzombek
Blotted Science chronology
The Machinations of Dementia
The Animation of Entomology

The Machinations of Dementia is the debut album by the instrumental technical death metal band Blotted Science, released September 18, 2007 on guitarist Ron Jarzombek's EclecticElectric label. It was issued in Japan on June 22, 2011 via Marquee/Avalon.[1]

The album had been in the making since 2005 but progress stalled when original drummer Chris Adler had to bow out due to commitments with his band Lamb of God; his successor, Derek Roddy (ex-Nile, Hate Eternal), left over "musical differences" after a six month tenure.

According to Ron Jarzombek, "75 percent"[2] of The Machinations of Dementia was written utilizing the 'Circle of 12 Tones', derived from the Twelve-tone technique pioneered by Austrian-born composer Arnold Schoenberg in the 1920s.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Music Length
1. "Synaptic Plasticity"   Alex Webster 5:57
2. "Laser Lobotomy"   Webster 5:21
3. "Brain Fingerprinting"   Ron Jarzombek 3:34
4. "Oscillation Cycles"   Webster 1:38
5. "Activation Synthesis Theory"   Jarzombek 8:10
6. "R.E.M."   Jarzombek 1:12
7. "Night Terror"   Webster 4:51
8. "Bleeding in the Brain"   Webster 4:57
9. "Vegetation"   Jarzombek 1:29
10. "Narcolepsy"   Webster 2:53
11. "E.E.G. Tracing"   Jarzombek 4:04
12. "Sleep Deprivation"   Jarzombek 0:37
13. "The Insomniac"   Jarzombek 3:56
14. "Amnesia"   Webster 2:24
15. "Adenosine Breakdown"   Jarzombek 3:10
16. "Adenosine Buildup"   Jarzombek 3:10
Total length:


Adenosine Buildup is Adenosine Breakdown played backwards.



  • Arranged by Blotted Science
  • Produced and mixed by Ron Jarzombek
  • Guitars recorded by Ron Jarzombek at Live Oak Studios
  • Bass recorded by Alex Webster at Hell Whole Studios (editing by Ron Jarzombek)
  • Drums recorded and edited by Charlie Zeleny (at Doc Z Studios), with assistance from Ron Jarzombek
  • Mastered by Jacob Hansen
  • Copyright Spastic Music Publishing


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